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September 26, 2012
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Guest Column: Disappointed at IVGID candidates’ stance on trails plan

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. — After the September 9 IVGID Candidate Session, a few thoughts came to mind in response to the question relating to the Incline Village/Crystal Bay Community Trail Plan.The majority of the candidates proposed a very detailed selection process for the hiring of the next GM, which showed good business decisions. Unfortunately, similar standards were not applied to the candidates statements regarding the proposed trail plan. There did not seem to be any second thought or questioning about the self appointed Community Trail Plan Committee headed by Chuck Green. Some of the candidates expressed their acceptance of the trail planning process by arguing the fact that they had either met with Mr. Green or had worked with him in the past, and basically what they presented was directly from the Chuck Green playbook.Just because Mr. Green and other members of this special interest group have experience in related fields, volunteer or contribute, the so called Community Trail Plan should not remove the element of good business judgment. To select the right organization to be considered for the use of our community land more than one resource should be considered. The bottom line from the candidates was that more communication is needed.Haven’t there already been plenty of meetings, email and petitions (240+) and a formal request that the IVGID board withdraw the conceptual approval to create a community trail plan? Very little of hearing the group of residents who are opposed to Mr. Green’s plan for valid reasons were even stated by the candidates. It seems as if they all just have decided to support Mr. Green’s plan with utter disregard of community residents.What more communication and information is needed to be able to make a good business judgment? The facts are that the information about US Forest Service plans is all hearsay and should not be used as an argument or a threat for the necessity of Mr. Green’s trail plan. Why is the information being professed that the USFS is going to do this trail activity regardless? Who has heard this from the USFS? And, if so, where is the USFS funding coming from? Didn’t the USFS have the opportunity to manage the Rim Trail and declined? Where are the USFS plans published? Nowhere ... more trail committee misleading statements.Mr. Green’s self-named “Community Trail Plan Committee” has shown nothing but poor professionalism and inconsiderate actions consisting of bad communication, contradiction, false statements etc.There are other special interest groups involved in Mr. Green’s committee that have an interest in developing existing and new trails that are on IVGID property. These groups (such as Rim Trail, mountain bikers, etc.) are incorporated into Mr. Green’s committee, thereby creating a conflict with community interest.With the concerns from the candidates around cost, it seems particularly naive to assume there will be no cost to IVGID in the future. There are processes and studies required before even realistically talking about developing IVGID trails. There would need to be an environmental study and the huge cost of compliance with such a study to be considered.Where is IVGID going to secure the funds to do this ... from the committee? Then IVGID would have an obligation to Mr. Green’s special interests. And would these trails, if completed, have the landlords’ (IVGID and resident dollars) responsibility to maintain and ensure? Doesn’t IVGID, thus residents, have enough recreation facilities that are not operating in the black as discussed by the candidates?Mr. Green’s proposed community trail plan is not solely regarding the upper areas of Incline Village, but also about transportation and trails throughout the downtown Village areas. It may be better to concentrate on that part of the plan and do it well, than to have all of the other projects that are in such a broad based trail plan to try and accomplish. What are the IVGID trustees priorities? Unwanted development of trails in the periphery of Incline Village with uncertain costs and unhappy residents, or a well-designed town center with a thriving economy?It was very disappointing to hear the level of understanding on the “trail plan” from the candidates.— Margaret Martini is an Incline Village resident.

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