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October 22, 2009
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Hey kids: What are you going to be for Halloween?

The question for Halloween is not “to be or not to be” but what to be.

With so many opportunities to wear costumes, no matter what age, almost everyone is looking for the right fit. Searching really is almost more fun than actually wearing the costume. This year's crop features everything from Michael Jackson costumes to all time favorites like gladiators and witches.

Costumes can be created with items you have on hand, items picked up at thrift stores or at Dress the Part(y) right here in Incline (it is definitely Halloween Central right now). You can locate everything from complete costumes to individual pieces and accessories like wigs, shoes, makeup and jewelry, as well as supplies for your own Halloween party.

With lots of events coming up this next week like the Tahoe Children's Foundation's Harvest Party, Halloween Story Time at the Library, the Trail of Treats, Devil's Night and the Creepers Ball, along with just trick or treating, monsters and characters will be all over the village.

A lot of local families seem to like to do costumes that the entire family can wear.

“Much like last year when we were the “Star Wars” family, our little family is dressing up in a theme this year ... cowboys (one cowgirl, technically),” said Maggie Browder.

Joy Strotz and her family are following a similar theme.

“In years past we'd make all of our costumes — like the year we were all characters from the original movie ‘Toy Story,'” she said. “ ... So much fun making chaps out of cow-print fabric and sewing dinosaur spikes onto a green insulated Costco baby suit.”

This year finds the Strotz family going a different direction as well. August, 11, will be “Halo,” an alien-fighting game hero. William, 9, will be “Storm Shadow” from the new “G. I. Joe” movie and Jack, 6, is going to be “Heatblast” from “Ben 10,” the animated series on the Cartoon Network.

For younger children, many of the costumes are adorable rather than scary since this time of the year can be a frightening time for many younger children. Younger children prefer Disney characters, animals or less-frightening costumes. But as the children get into upper elementary and middle school, costumes can be all over the board.

“I'm going to be a retro 80s disco dancer,” said Sami Lampe, a sixth grade student at Incline Middle School. “At first I didn't have a costume, and my friend Kira Porter said she was going to be one.”

Lampe also remembered her favorite all-time costume as child was a really cute cat costume. Her younger siblings, Michael, 8 , will be a Marine and Mattison, 5, will be a witch.

Whatever your age, Halloween is time to get into the spirit of the season and wear a costume.

What some local children plan to be for Halloween 2009:

Bryan Behrens, 4 - Yoda

Rowan Behrens, 8 months - Chili pepper

Jack Cecchi, 4 - Annakin Skywalker

Anna Cecchi, 3 - Tinkerbell

Catelin Cuevas, 1- Ladybug

Elliot Daniel, 3 - Dog

Muriel Daniel, 6 months - Ladybug

Kenzie Davidson, 7 - Vampire

Melanie Davidson, 3 - Witch

Michael Doyle, 22 months - Cowboy

Tate Gitchell, 3 - Contractor/Construction Worker

Gitchell - 9 month old - Cow

Audrey Hoopengardner, 2 months - Jack-0-Lantern

Julianna Hoopengardner, 21 months - Garden gnome

Ethan Horvath, 4 months - Lion

Logan Horvath, 23 months - Fireman

Hattie Rose Kaplan, 1- Princess Fairy, Piratess, orange and black witch

Lily Leona Kaplan, 3 - Puffy Princess Fairy, Goldilocks, Purple Witch

Liam Kelley, 3 - Bee

Ellie Lowden, 23 months - Monarch butterfly

Lainey Lowden, 4 - A nice witch

Alex Macdonald, 4- Indiana Jones

Maddy Mintz, 3 - Ariel the Mermaid

Oliver Mitchell, 2 and one half - Fireman

Jack Morrison, 6 - Detective

Lily Morrison, 22 months - Lion

Chloe Peacock, 16 months - Peacock

Ashley Rager, 4 - Ariel the Little Mermaid

Eric Rager, 18 months - Construction worker

Kylee Rehberger, 5 - Alice in Wonderland

Bryn Rogoff, 2 - Purple Princess

Caroline Sandberg, 6 - Tooth Fairy

Lauren Sandberg, 4 - Unicorn

Aurora Shoemaker, 3 - Fairy Princess

Jasmine Shoemaker, 2 - Princess

Brody Sussman, 5 - Darth Vader

Rebeka Sussman, 2 - Dog

Zachary Wallpe, 5 - Knight

Zander Wallpe, 2, - Dragon

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