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March 30, 2012
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Election 2012: Meet the 10 candidates for the IVGID board of trustees

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. — The North Lake Tahoe Bonanza continues its three-part series this week of providing readers with initial introductions to all 16 local candidates in line for the June 12 primary.This week, the Bonanza features 10 candidates for the IVGID board of trustees (3 seats will be open) with their verbatim responses to some short questions.Last week, the Bonanza featured the three candidates for Washoe County School Board Seat A; next week, the three candidates for Washoe County Commission Seat One will be featured.Early voting for the June 12 primary election begins May 26. Prior to the that date, the Bonanza will print a detailed election guide that includes in-depth interviews with all the local candidates, voter information and more. Stay tuned.

Age: 511. How long have you lived in Incline/Crystal Bay? 27 years this July 1st2. What is your formaleducation?I have a BS in Communications Management from the University of Portland, 1983; a BS in Entrepreneurship from Sierra Nevada College, 2006; Teaching Credentials as well as a Master of Arts in Teaching from Sierra Nevada College, 2006.3. What is your currentoccupation?I am a self-employed pianist/vocalist and the owner of Tim Callicrate Productions which produces the Serenade From Tahoe solo piano cds. Additionally, I frequently substitute teach at the Lake Tahoe School.4. What is your previouspolitical/governmentalexperience?I was honored to be elected to the IVGID Board of Trustees in 1996 and served as Chairman, Vice-Chairman and Secretary during my four year term which ended December 31, 2000.5. Why are you running for IVGID (250-word max)?I am running for IVGID because I feel that some very important pressing issues coming before the Board would benefit from a broader, historical perspective that my 27 years as a full-time, year-round resident and business owner could impart. I am concerned about the recent loss of key IVGID personnel and would like to ensure that the District is operating as cost-effectively and efficiently as it can. I also feel that a Board Trustee needs to keep in mind the majority of residents who aren't able to attend the meetings when he/she casts his/her vote. I am fair, honest, dedicated and a team player. I have strong opinions but I also understand that it takes compromise and a willingness to work together for the betterment of the entire Incline Village/Crystal Bay area. I feel truly blessed to live in such a close-knit, caring and committed community of Incline Village/Crystal Bay and would like the opportunity to serve as a Board Trustee once again.

Age: 621. How long have you lived in Incline/Crystal Bay?We bought our house on Ophir Peak Road in 1982 and moved full time to Incline Village in 1996.2. What is your formal education?I was born and raised in Nevada and I received my bachelor's degree in Business Administration from the University of Nevada, Reno and a Master's in Business Administration from Troy University in 1986. I am also certified as a Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Accredited Professional (AP).3. What is your currentoccupation?I currently work in the construction industry in Reno. I am a Field Project Manager for an electrical contracting company. I have been in construction management positions since retiring from the US Army in 1995.4. What is your previouspolitical/governmentalexperience?This is my first time running for a political office but I have been involved in politics since departing the US Army. I was the Chairman of the Governmental Affairs Committee for the Nevada Chapter of the Associated General Contractors (AGC) working to elect individuals supportive of the construction industry. In addition, I was directly involved in discussing with and testifying to members of the Nevada State Legislature on all construction related issues, resolutions and bills.5. Why are you running for IVGID (250-word max)?I am concerned the current goals and priorities of the IVGID Board of Trustees do not reflect the needs of the IVGID Shareholders (community members) and are inadequate in providing high quality services, eliminating waste and in protecting the District's assets. We must ensure the IVGID recreational venues' pricing is competitive within our market place while continually improving the quality of all services and amenities. We must minimize the burden of the recreation venue subsidization and reduce recreation fees. By adopting successful business techniques we must oversee the development of self-sustaining recreation facilities. I will oppose the currently proposed recreation fee increases. Above all, we must hold IVGID management accountable for fiscal and service performance. I am a veteran of the U S Army having served as an Officer in both the U.S. and foreign countries including a deployment to the Middle East during Operation Desert Storm. After 22 years of service, I retired as a Lieutenant Colonel and began a second career in the construction industry. This experience will be invaluable in developing viable, long term solutions to the issues/problems facing the Shareholders of Incline Village/Crystal Bay. Two other Trustee Candidates, Jim Smith and Jim Hammerel, also question the direction the District is heading and share my beliefs in solving the issues/problems facing the District. I believe it is time to put in place experience and leadership that will allow all the IVGID Shareholders to fully realize the potential inherent in our unique community.

Age: 50 — will turn 51 at the end of June 2012.1. How long lived in Incline Village/Crystal Bay?26 years as of November 2011.2. What is your formaleducation?Graduated from Reno HS in 1979; Attended Idaho State University 1980 thru 1985 but did not complete my degree.3. What is your currentoccupation?Sergeant with the Washoe County Sheriff's Office. I was hired in July of 1985 and will complete my 27th year this coming July (2012); Incline High School Coach in various sports (Cross Country, Track andamp; Field and Basketball) since 1987 (25 years).4. What is your previouspolitical/governmentalexperience?No previous formal experience in politics.5. Why are you running for IVGID (250-word max)? • I believe that Government in general and IVGID in particular should be a partner in the community it serves.• I am a strong advocate for collaboration through effective communication.• I have vast experience in dealing with difficult situations that necessitate the ability to mediate conflicts.• I possess strong leadership and communication skills.• As an elected official I will adhere to the following:— Listen to all sides of an issue without personal prejudice.— Respectfully acknowledge different points of view.— Accurately portray intended and unintended consequences of a particular action (or inaction) that I am supporting.— Practice Fiscal Transparency in order to establish and maintain a high level of citizen confidence and support.— Support and advocate sound fiscal positions that benefit the community, enhance our quality of life and maintain financial stability for the District.Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful places in the world. I am especially appreciative to have lived in the Incline Village/Crystal Bay area for the past 27 years. My wife and I raised both of our children here. From before preschool all the way through graduation at Incline High School our children have been exposed to an endless line of great people and wonderful experiences. I believe in ‘Giving Back' to the community that one lives in. Until now, I have practiced this philosophy in every venue except for politics. I have the time, I have the energy and I am excited for the opportunity to serve this community as an IVGID Trustee.

Age: 701. How long lived in Incline Village/Crystal Bay?I have been a full time resident in Incline Village since 1995, 17 wonderfully happy years.2. What is your formaleducation?I am a retired New York City school principal with degrees in English, theater and education.3. What is your currentoccupation?Although retired from a most fulfilling profession, I now enjoy part time employment for a town physician, Dr. Johanna Koch.4. What is your previouspolitical/governmentalexperience?I have served as an elected Trustee on the IVGID Board since 2004.5. Why are you running for IVGID (250-word max)? I am, once again, running for office because I can bring experience and commitment to the governance of Incline Village/Crystal Bay. Friends and neighbors in the community have encouraged me to continue the work begun eight years ago. During times of financial stress I believe this community will withstand the challenges by continuing to address issues with an open mind and with creative thinking as well as with calm, sane logic.

Age: 321. How long have you lived in Incline/Crystal Bay?Seven years3. What is your formaleducation?I graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder with a B.S. in Business Administration with an emphasis in Information Systems.3. What is your currentoccupation?I've owned and operated an internet marketing consulting company — Xtropy Web Marketing, LLC — for nearly seven years. I help businesses get better search engine rankings, and manage their online advertising, email marketing, and social media marketing campaigns to get more customers, leads, clients and patients.4. What is your previouspolitical/governmentalexperience?I've followed politics in Incline Village since moving here. I currently pay two recreational fees and I'm concerned how that money is being spent. I've served on the Red, White and Tahoe Blue board for two years, and I'm a six-year president of a local homeowners' association.5. Why are you running for IVGID (250-word max)?I see an opportunity to run IVGID more like a for-profit business. Historically speaking, Incline Village and Crystal Bay homeowners bear the burden of paying ever-increasing recreational fees to subsidize the amenities that we all cherish, but unfortunately aren't breaking even financially. Coming from a marketing background, I hope to utilize my skills and entrepreneurial spirit to help guide the development of innovative programs and initiatives that will generate new revenue for IVGID. A big part of attracting new revenue for Incline Village is to ensure we're providing exceptional value. Value can come in terms of lower pricing or greater offerings, but also in terms of customer service. Incline Village is a world class community and that should be reflected by our staff each and every time we patronize Diamond Peak, the golf courses, our beaches, and any other IVGID amenity. I also want to help IVGID become a leader in environmental stewardship. From bear education to comprehensive recycling, there are agendas that IVGID can help oversee to ensure that we keep Lake Tahoe unspoiled. We all live here because it's beautiful and I want to ensure IVGID is doing its part to keep it that way. Because we share a common vision of how we can help IVGID, two other IVGID Trustee candidates, Jim Smith, Georg Del Carlo, and I drafted and signed a contract with Incline Village/Crystal Bay that promises we'll provide better value, increase our customer service, and help to become better custodians of our environment.

Age: 641. How long have you lived in Incline/Crystal Bay?Five years.2. What is your formaleducation?B.A., Political Science - U.C.L.A.; J.D. (Juris Doctor) - Santa Clara University School of Law; California Community College District Teaching Credential — Law.3. What is your currentoccupation?Asset Manager; Landlord; IVGID Watchdog.4. What is your previouspolitical/governmentalexperience?I have never before run for public office. Notwithstanding, for the last two or more years I have attended most IVGID Board of Trustee Meetings, and have actively participated. As a result, I have contributed to some positive changes: discontinuing use of the Consent Calendar to bury major public decisions; forcing major contracts to be put out to public bid (I saved IVGID over $110K just on our non-alcoholic beverage contract with Pepsi); eliminating an unnecessary Marketing Director's position; compelling Open Meeting Law compliance; reducing Diamond Peak daily resident lift ticket costs to $25; allowing ALL IVGID Picture Pass Holders to now be my beach “guests.” However, an activist can only accomplish so much. A Trustee can finish the job!5. Why are you running for IVGID (250-word max)?This is one of the most important elections in IVGID's history. IVGID needs fixing. The rest of the country is reducing wages, benefits and staff. Yet in IVGIDville, we offer wage increases, bonuses and denial because we're Tahoe's “premiere employer.” EVERY IVGID recreational venue LOSES money and unbelievably, Trustees budget for losses ($6.8 Million/year) and fund it with our Recreation Fees (some candidates DON'T pay these taxes and have no “skin” in this game), It's called BIG government. 62% of operational revenue pays employee wages and benefits. Add servicing costs on $18 Million of bonded indebtedness, and you've burned through 80% of operational revenues. It's IMPOSSIBLE to run ANY businesses at “break even” with the remaining 20%. So we print our own currency (“bucks,” vouchers, gift cards) with nothing backing them other than our Recreation Fees. Our financials are deceiving in that they represent non-discounted revenue NOT received versus discounted revenue actually received [skewing many assumptions (employee costs as a percentage of revenue, yield per skier/golfer visit, etc.)]. Few candidates understand these realities, and two actually caused the problems we face. If you don't understand there's a problem, how can you offer solutions? In fact, why are you qualified to be a candidate? I understand and have a plan: making IVGID LIMITED government; suspending (until we make money) the $70,000+/year we pay Trustees; reducing our Recreation Fees by 50% over three years, and eliminating them in five. IVGID should work for us rather than we working (and paying) for IVGID!

Age: 561. How long have you lived in Incline/Crystal Bay?242. What is your formaleducation?City University of New York, Marketing/ Management3. What is your currentoccupation?President of Sierra Adventure Marketing LLC4. What is your previouspolitical/governmentalexperience?Following are some of the positions I have held on miscellaneous boards etcetera:• Former Board Member and Vice President of Ski Lake Tahoe• Former Board Member of the Incline Village Chamber of Commerce • Honorary Board Member of the Northern Nevada Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation• Former Board Member of France Ski International • Director of Finance/Gibbons for Governor5. Why are you running for IVGID (250-word max)?For over 20 years I have had the privilege of living in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Incline Village. My friends and neighbors care deeply about our small town and the great sense of community we all enjoy in this very special place. In 2008 our nation and in particular the State of Nevada entered into the worst recession since the Great Depression. There have been few individuals and businesses in Incline that were not affected by the aforementioned. While just about all governmental entities in our state experienced budget cuts, IVGID's budgets and spending continued to grow in fact our recreational fee has almost doubled over a ten year period. I am very concerned about the current financial situation of IVGID and if elected I will hold the line on any increase in recreational fees and work on getting a handle on why things are so out of control. We are going to have to make some hard choices and that is the reality of our current situation.

Age: 751. How long have you lived in Incline/Crystal Bay?15 years2. What is your formaleducation?I have BS in business administration and MBA in health care administration from George Washington University.3. What is your current-occupation?I have been retired since 2009, was CEO of Incline Village Community Hospital 2002 to 2009, I was a hospital administrator of hospitals and health systems from 1966 to 1992 then in health care consulting 1992 2000, retired for two years.4. What is your previouspolitical/governmentalexperience?I have never run for public office, I have served in governmental committees and policy groups for two governors and three mayors over the years.5. Why are you running for IVGID (250-word max)?Because of the various challenges the IVGID Board has faced and some vacancies coming up, I feel that my experience as a manager and board member and chairman of numerous boards over the years would be helpful. IVGID is a very important part of our community and I feel that I can help management as a trustee working collaborative with other trustees. My focus would be to provide vision, strategic thinking, oversight, and decision making for management and staff. My goal as a trustee would be to build on the good work the the previous trustees have provided and to help improve the services that IVGID provides to all of us.

Age: 491. How long have you lived in Incline/Crystal Bay?I purchased a home in Incline Village and moved my business here in June of 2007. I'm a full time resident. 2. What is your formaleducation?Attended South Lake Tahoe High School. Business Administration and Government at California State University Sacramento.3. What is your currentoccupation?I'm the Founder and President of Service Scouts, Inc., established in 1996. I provide business operations and customer service consulting for golf courses, health/fitness/tennis clubs, food and beverage, hospitality, retail, sports/entertainment and many other industries. My clients have realized increases in revenue, profitability, exceptional customer service, customer retention, brand loyalty and value. The San Francisco Giants, my client of 13 years, were honored as the 2011 Sports Facility of the Year Award for Customer Service and Operational Excellence.4. What is your previouspolitical/governmentalexperience?In 2010, I consulted for IVGID providing customer experience measurements. I presented the concept to outsource IVGID's Beach and Snowflake Lodge food and beverage services. Each of these venues was consistently losing money (over $10k annually) and they didn't meet customer service and value expectations. Outsourcing resulted in remarkable results: IVGID received over $85,000 (2010/2011 combined) – it's first profit in each of these venues in over 5 years and the outsourcing companies made a profit, added over 10 new jobs and substantially improved customer satisfaction.5. Why are you running for IVGID (250-word max)? I want to unite our community with extraordinary customer service and unmatched value. • I have 32 years experience managing small, medium and large businesses. My niche is turning around unprofitable businesses.• My company has made a profit 16 consecutive years.• Since the fall of 2009, I have been President of Red, White and Tahoe Blue. I'm proud of what our 4th of July Festival Team accomplished. We increased our events from seven to 23. We added over 450 volunteers. We expanded local non-profit participation from three to over 40, who collectively earned over $30,000 supporting our events. We exceeded our revenue goals. We reduced our operating expenses for the 5th consecutive year and increased our fireworks display to be one of the best in the country. • I oppose the proposed recreation fee increase from $830 to $1,110. With my leadership and experience I expect to minimize this subsidization and reduce fees utilizing entrepreneurial business practices.• I will hold IVGID management accountable for fiscal and service performance.• My passion is to empower and incentivize our employees to perform extraordinary customer service.• I will welcome solutions from our community as we arguably have the most talented people per square foot in the world. • Let's Webcast all IVGID Board meetings so the entire community may participate.I drafted and agreed to a Contract with Incline Village/Crystal Bay with candidates George Del Carlo and Jim Hammerel to bring value, service and be stewards of our environment.

Age: 631. How long have you lived in Incline/Crystal Bay:35 years2. What is your formaleducation?Education: BA degree History/Physical Ed, Western State College; MA degree Education/Administration, Western State College; Post Graduate work Californian State University Northridge.3. What is your currentoccupation?I am a retired educator, author, and publisher.4. What is your previouspolitical/governmentalexperience?I have previously run for the IVGID Board of Trustees, and the Nevada State Senate District 4. I am active in local political issues, and have been a strong advocate for change.5. Why are you running for IVGID (250-word max)? IVGID is broke! The current Board of Trustees has wasted millions of local residents' tax dollars and Recreation Fees. Money collected for the recreation of citizens living here has been used for purposes other than our recreation. Favored outside businesses are allowed to use our facilities to amass huge profits, while we foot the bill. Public property is given away, without any reduction in our Recreation Fees. ALL of our recreational venues lose millions each year, and IVGID claims “we're making money” (when did you get a dividend check? When did your Recreation Fee decrease?). And our General Manager and each venue manager get outrageous bonuses. In the real world they'd all be fired! Our utility rates have gone up over 20% in three years, and they're projected to be up another 30% in two years. Money from our utilities has been used to cover financial deficiencies in our General Fund. We owe local property owners over $1M in tax refunds, and we don't have the money! Our Recreation Fee has gone from $300 to $830 in ten years, and soon it will exceed $1,000. IVGID is out of control, and it's out of money as of April. The only source for more money is our Recreation Fee (except that's NOT what IVGID represented was the purpose of the Fee). We need Trustees who understand these problems, and are willing to fight for our interest. Unlike most other candidates, I understand these problems and have the ability to fix them.

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