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September 27, 2012
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Guest column: Gurowitz, Democrats embrace murderous Islamist policy

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. — Last week’s column by Ed Gurowitz on the supposed “perils of free speech” is astounding in its arrogance. Mr. Gurowitz has no love for the First Amendment and casually laments that it is “untenable” to stifle the freedom of expression for those he disagrees with. More disgustingly, Mr. Gurowitz has no problem throwing his fellow Americans under the bus when it serves the purpose of Democrat talking points — no matter that he trivialize the murder of the American ambassador to Libya, Christopher Stevens, and three other embassy personnel in the process.

Mr. Gurowitz would like us to believe that Americans who expressed a negative opinion about Islam have culpability in the murder of Mr. Stevens. To be clear, the blame for the murder of Americans in Libya is exclusively as follows: First and foremost, the uneducated, vile, animalistic thugs who carried out the terroristic attack are solely responsible for the murders. The Libyan government also failed in its duty to protect the US embassy personnel. Hillary Clinton, Secretary of State, failed to assess the security issues in Libya and thus failed to provide adequate security to protect embassy personnel. Finally, Mr. Obama, president of the United States, has promulgated a totally failed policy in the Middle East, which led extremists to be sure they would face no repercussions for their murderous acts. Ronald Reagan would have sent cruise missiles. Mr. Obama puts on a sad face and blames a three-month-old video for his failure to anticipate a long-planned terrorist attack. Further he describes the murder of US citizens as “bumps in the road.”

Mr. Gurowitz was quick to parrot the Democrat party line. The Democrat administration pretended that this attack was no terrorist incident, but was a “random uprising” spurred by a You Tube video. As usual, the Democrat party assumes Americans are stupid and won’t notice that the attack was premeditated and took place on Sept. 11. Having incorporated Mein Kampf into the party’s thinking, they assume we will swallow any “Big Lie” they come up with.

Mr. Obama continues to lie about the murders. Apparently, he can’t bring himself to take responsibility for his own policies. The only surprise is that the Obama camp didn’t try to blame George W. Bush this time. Hillary Clinton, having learned from her husband, Bill, that the cover-up is worse than the initial misdeed, has already admitted, in public, that the murders were a terrorist attack having nothing whatsoever to do with the You Tube video.

Nonetheless, Mr. Gurowitz makes sure we know the authors of the video were Christians because Democrat party officials hate Christians even more than they hate Republicans and never fail to slander a Christian when the opportunity arises. Most disturbingly, Mr. Gurowitz actually states that the film makers, criticizing Islam, are responsible for the death of embassy personnel in Libya.

By inference, Mr. Gurowitz must be sanctioning the murder of the British Ambassador to USA. After all, a British citizen, Christopher Hitchens, (now deceased), recently published a book entitled “God is not Great” — criticizing, among other things, Christianity. No doubt, Mr. Gurowitz believes that Rick Santorum should be assassinated by irate Mormons because of his comments labeling the Mormon religion as a “dangerous cult” Perhaps Mr. Gurowitz is even advocating for his own murder by irate Buddhists seeking retribution for his misappropriation of their beliefs in last week’s column.

Fortunately for Mr. Gurowitz, Buddhists, Mormons, Christians and real Americans all have a better handle on the First Amendment than he does. Whether it is pornography, Democrat propaganda masquerading as primetime TV or political ads, we all know the appropriate, civilized remedy for unacceptable expression. We simply turn it off. Unfortunately, Islam is the only world’s major religion whose official policy is to sanction the murder of its critics. Sadly, Mr. Gurowitz, like the rest of the Democrat political machine, fully embraces this murderous Islamist policy. According to them, we, Americans, are absolutely not permitted to criticize Islam. If we do, we must be slandered and ostracized or murdered.

While justifying the murder of our Embassy personnel by Islamist thugs, Mr. Gurowitz states that he hopes the authors of this harmless video will “suffer for thousands of lives.” Given that Mr. Gurowitz lacks a sense of proportion or an understanding of right and wrong, given that he favors Democrat talking points over American rights, it would seem he should look to the management of his own soul rather than pontificating about the salvation of others.

— Robin Fall is an Incline Village resident.

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