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My Turn: Vote 'yes' on Measure J

As a longtime active member of our community, I would like to urge everyone to vote YES on Measure J. Yes, I understand how strained we all are to make ends meet. Yes, I too have been frustrated by excessive government spending and know we must be cautious how we collectively progress into the future.

Having been involved in the development of our local youth in many facets (Cop, Coach, father), I can say that the two facilities Measure J will enable us to construct will enhance the quality of life for the widest range of ages, interests and year round recreational needs of many for generations. Revenue streams created by these two facilities are currently nonexistent for a multitude of reasons.

The aquatic center will enable competitive and noncompetitive activities to coexist simultaneously where today our antiquated pool is beyond its capacity during a birthday party. This coupled with the fact that the pool has reached the end of its service life, our aquatic community is living on borrowed time.

There is currently no community performing and visual arts facility in Truckee. Active members of the arts are not in competition with, nor can a comparison be drawn between empty stages of failing casinos at state line. After all, I don't think I would want my son or daughters performance to take place in the smoke filled space these facilities have to offer anyway.

I surely would not weave my way through dingy slot machines to go see the beloved Truckee Follies at the Crystal Bay Club. The only performing arts venue that can hold a candle to the proposed facility is the amphitheater of Sand Harbor, again a far cry from any casino.

It is vitally important to know that the leadership of the Recreation and Parks District has embarked on this process with the utmost diligence, attention to detail and most importantly, community input and guidance. In addition, a large number of insightful community members have been engaged in the process from day one. Unity behind this measure reaches well beyond the confines of just aquatics or just performing arts.

With construction costs at an all-time low, there has never been a better time to improve the quality of life, shore-up property values and pull more wholesome guests into visiting and staying in our community through athletics and the arts. Introducing new revenue streams for our entire community while developing our youth, expanding social and recreational opportunities for visitors and residence of all ages while redefining what a Truckee Community Center will be for generations is at the heart of Measure J.

Vote yes on Measure J,

Dan Ingalls is a Truckee and a retired Placer County Sheriff's Office sergeant.

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