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January 28, 2013
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Pine Nuts: A super prediction based on brotherly love

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. - Here we go, "Sibling Rivalry Maximus." Two brothers who fought so intensely as youngsters that their mother had to cry to get them to stop, mano-a-mano on Super Sunday - the Harbaugh Bowl. Oh, yeah ... put the children out of the room.If you're looking to bet on a brother, I'm here to tell you which brother that should be, and why...As a boy four years younger than my brother, Tom, I learned what every younger brother learns about rivalries. On a sunny morning in the springtime, while walking through the kitchen minding my own business with an open-face PB&J in hand, my brother, unable to resist the temptation, sent my PB&J somersaulting into the air. I tried to catch it without result. This was not the first of his hazings, but it would prove to be one of the last.That evening, while he was busy with his homework, I scooped as much peanut butter as I could gather in one hand from the Skippy jar, crept up behind him, and as quiet as a Fennimore Cooper Indian, grabbed him by the face, pulled him over backwards, and shoved that peanut butter up his nose. Then I ran like crazy, but he caught me and with the heat of a thousand suns, pummeled me soundly.Well, my mind then went feverish with schemes to even the score, and I was consumed with the worst of all possible passions, revenge. But my time was well spent, and I was rewarded in spades...I had seen a weather balloon advertised for sale in Boy's Life magazine, so I scraped ten dollars together and ordered it. When it finally arrived it didn't look like much until I started to blow it up, and I realized it was going to take me most of the night to fill it, but I did it, coming near to passing out on several occasions from hyperventilation. When fully inflated it was as tall as I was.My brother had to get up at four o'clock for his job, and he set his alarm clock across the room on his dresser so he could not reach out and turn it off. Knowing this, I dragged the weather balloon into his room while he slept and placed it strategically between his bed and the alarm clock. Then I took a piece of cardboard, stuck a tack through it, and taped it to his dresser so the tack faced the weather balloon.Well, I guess you know the rest of the story. I was wide awake at 4 a.m. when I heard his alarm go off, followed by an explosion that rocked the house. He told me years later that the blast blew him back into bed. Needless to say, my big brother didn't mess (for lack of a better word) with me much again after that.So as a younger sibling, I would like to go on record as predicting a win for the younger Harbaugh, and not just a win, but a win that will cover the Nevada spread and more. You see, younger brothers know a thing or two about sibling rivalries.Niners, 31 - Ravens, 17. Take it to the bank.- Learn more about McAvoy Layne at

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