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February 26, 2013
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Guest Column: Political correctness is a method to stifle and shame

INCLINE VILLAGE, Nev. - It is without hesitation and controversy that America is more divided today than when Obama first took office in his first term. Religious freedom, the constitution, 1st & 2nd amendment rights, entrepreneurship, demonization of prosperity has come under attack and is on the upsurge. It seems as if, that those Americans that have a job, own a gun and adhere to the constitution are first and foremost the head of the attack.A recent commentator on Greta Van Susteren, On the Record, stated, "Obama may have won the election but did not win America," actually said it all. The 51 percent vs. the 47 percent is where the battleground is drawn in Obama's America today.I, being one of many, am finding the R&B Classic vocabulary of the left, Racist & Bigot, redundant and mundane. With no facts or justice to proclaim they continually rely on the monotonous and generic. The liberal media who continually feasts at the trough of Obama scourges, demeans, distorts and demoralizes any conservative who dares speak, act or proclaim the injustices implemented by the Obama regime, regarding the before mentioned list in this letter.Cop killer, Dorner, was not disclaimed for being a lover of the left and possibly mentally deranged because of this fact, but gathered supporters and compassion e.g. Jesse Jackson, Chris Mathews. However, the Batman shooting got focus, as this might be a member of the "Tea Party," and the Gifford shooting, Plain, was vilified for her cross-hair statement, to name a few disparaging and distorting acclaims.One of the most recent is the Rubio "Watergate," occurrence where a drink of water superseded the President's message, as well as Rubio's stellar rebuttal. These distractions continually nullify and deflect from the essence of a message or the truth. The misdirected, misinformed and uninformed lap this up as they accept this as truth or are entertained by it, naively skipping along in their mesmerized life like lambs to the slaughter of their free-thinking liberties ... pathetic.The GOP, on the other hand, needs to share the blame of the continual spiraling of a great nation. They need a man like Carney or a PR firm to get their message across, as noted in a recent Wall Street Journal article. The tepid and timid will not stop the deficit or the blame game continually articulated from the left. Especially, when you have a president pandering to the entitled, illegal and all that "free stuff," you better be up on your game. Caving and submitting rhinos are not supporting their constituency and are failing. The rhetoric and posturing against spending cuts, Kerry, Benghazi, has proven to be impotent, as I am sure it will be with Hagel.Yes, "The Emboldened" has surged. Political correctness is the method to stifle and shame. Ms. Soto, who flipped off the judge and later apologized, is what has been nurtured in our classrooms and is now prevalent in our society. NY public schools, no longer will discipline a student who cusses out a teacher in the classroom, accepted but the Bible is not. Islam is taught at great length, but Christianity lessened. Saturday Night Live can mock Jesus in a skit ... acceptable comedy. Why not Mohammed? Diversity training is merely retraining white people not to think white ... USDA, Samuel Betances.In conclusion, a breath of fresh air has risen; Dr. Benjamin Carson, who states that people are listening and starting to think for themselves. It will take a few brave people to stand up and do the job. Yes, the he time has come for We The People, to take back our country. Time to get off the couch, out of pews, and stand up for Our God, Our Country and Our Constitution. I am ready ... are you?- Lynette Cardinale is an Incline Village resident.

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