Alleged poachers arrested with bloody carcass in an SUV |

Alleged poachers arrested with bloody carcass in an SUV

Tribune staff report

Two Sacramento men were arrested Nov. 18 after they reportedly shot and stabbed a deer and drove through Shingle Springs as blood dripped from the back of their SUV.

Like the scene in the 1990 mobster movie “Goodfellas,” as the alledged pochers fled, the deer regained consciousness and began to struggle, police said. One or both of the men then stabbed the deer until it finally died, an action that left the car and both men spattered in blood, and blood seeping out of the back of the car.

Scott Lee, 46, and Nai Saechao, 32, both of Sacramento, were arrested by Department of Fish and Game officers and charged with violating multiple laws related to hunting, poaching and animal cruelty.

According to the El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office, Sacramento California Highway Patrol received multiple calls reporting that blood was coming out of a tan Toyota SUV driving near Ponderosa and North Shingle roads near Shingle Springs at 2:18 p.m. Callers reported the two men were trying to hide their faces as the driver was speeding away.

Police responded to the area and the Toyota was spotted speeding westbound on Highway 50 by an El Dorado County Sheriff’s Office K-9 unit, police said. Sheriff’s deputies and CHP officers conducted a felony stop on the car and detained the men. They reportedly discovered the carcass of a recently killed deer, with an extensive amount of blood strewn about the interior of the car and on the two suspects. DFG officers arrived and conducted an investigation, which reportedly revealed that the two men illegally shot the male deer with a shotgun off Ponderosa Road and threw it in the back of the Toyota after it collapsed.

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