Alpine County seizes indoor marijuana grow |

Alpine County seizes indoor marijuana grow

Alpine County Sheriff's OfficeA 1,536-square-foot barn converted for use as a marijuana grow was seized in Markleeville on Saturday.

Three Markleeville men were arrested on Saturday afternoon after Alpine County Sheriff’s deputies served a search warrant on an indoor marijuana grow at 53 Spring Canyon Drive.

Markleeville residents John Borchard, 23, Stephen Seiller, 25 and Justin Jones, 35, were arrested when they were identified as residents after arriving at the home during the search. A fourth person who showed up at the home was identified and released.

A large barn on the property had several rooms containing what Undersheriff Robert Levy described as “one of the most well constructed and sophisticated marijuana grows ever found in Alpine County.”

The 1,536-square-foot barn was converted to growing or supporting the growing of marijuana. The barn contained two downstairs grow rooms.

One room was complete with lights, timers, humidity monitors, fans, a carbon dioxide enrichment system and filtered external ventilation.

“There was even air conditioning installed and operating in the one grow room that was finished,” Levy said. “The other room was nearly finished with all of the equipment new and in boxes, ready to be installed. The upstairs of the barn had younger plants growing with three tubs converted to producing hydroponic starter clones. A smaller grow was found in one of the rooms fo the residence.”

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The search warrant was issued based on an informant statement and follow up at the location.

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