Anna Park sweeps Far West Freestyle Moguls |

Anna Park sweeps Far West Freestyle Moguls

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SQUAW VALLEY, Calif. – The Far West Freestyle Moguls were held at Squaw, with the single moguls on April 7 and the single moguls and duals on April 8. The course was on Red Dog run, which was icy and challenging, according to Heavenly Freestyle Coach Jere Crawford.

Anna Park won all three women’s events, despite being banged up from a long season. Taryn Baker had two fourths and a fifth. She is Far West Freestyle’s Most Improved Female Skier for 2012. Shanti Payne, Far West Freestyle’s Most Improved Male skier, fought his way to fifth in the duals. Sage Wright had two J-4 wins and is Far West Freestyle’s top J-4.

Gabriella Fisher had two J-4 seconds. Mia Idzorek showed off her new, improved turns. Crawford said Ally Sullivan showed how to edge on hard snow and Josh Sullivan always goes big off the airs. He added that Lakota Wright skis with really tight feet and Matt Sullivan ripped the course like a machine. Richard Park’s great knees got him two veteran wins.

April 7 single moguls

Women Place Age group Score

Anna Park 1 J-3 22.14

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Taryn Baker 2 J-3 19.52

Gabriella Fisher 2 J-4 13.68

Ally Sullivan 4 J-4 10.19

Mia Idzorek 5 J-4 7.14


Yamato Kashima 2 senior 22.10

Shanti Payne 2 J-3 19.59

Sage Wright 1 J-4 17.77

Zach Shearer 4 J-3 15.63

Lakota Wright 6 J-3 14.97

Josh Sullivan 6 J-3 13.22

Richard Park 1 veteran 8.77

Matt Sullivan 9 J-5 5.91

April 8 single and dual moguls


Anna Park 1 J-3 22.28

Taryn Baker 4 J-3 13.75

Gabriella Fisher 2 J-4 12.58

Mia Idzorek  4   J-4 9.90

Ally Sullivan 7 J-4 8.01


Yamato Kashima 3 senior 19.97

Shanti Payne 2 J-3 18.98

Sage Wright 1 J-4 14.53

Josh Sullivan 4 J-3 14.53

Lakota Wright 5 J-3 14.25

Richard Park 1 veteran 7.95

Matt Sullivan 5 J-3 4.74            

April 8 duals


Anna park 1

Taryn Baker 5

Gabriella Fisher 12

Mia Idzorek  15

Ally Sullivan 18



Shanti Payne 5

Yamato Kashima 10

Sage Wright 13

Joshua Sullivan 19

Lakota Wright 20

Richard Park 26

Matt Sullivan 33

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