Barton to host vaccination clinics |

Barton to host vaccination clinics

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Barton Health will offer three vaccination clinics in the coming weeks.

The clinics will offer seasonal flu and pneumonia vaccinations for people of all ages. The seasonal vaccine will be provided free to children ages 3 to 18. For people ages 19 and older, the seasonal flu shot will cost $20 and the penumonia vaccine will cost $35. Flu shots may not be administered to people with certain medical conditions. Patients should consult their physicians before receiving vaccinations.

The flu vaccine does not contain mercury. Those with Latex allergies are advised that vaccines contain trace amounts of natural latex in the rubber stopper.

Both vaccines are reimbursable for standard Medicare patients. Medicare HMOs and other insurances cannot be billed, according to a press release from Barton. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Cash and checks will be accepted for payment.

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