Big-screen comedians take the stage |

Big-screen comedians take the stage

Howie Nave

He's half of "Howiewood & Haveywood" every Monday on Howie's Morning Rush and he's finally up here this week "live" and in person! That's right kids: comedian/actor Allan Havey returns for the first time this year and so much has happened since then. This year, Havey has appeared on NBC's "The Office," comedian Louis C.K.'s landmark comedy show "Louie" on the FX Network and baseball legend Tony La Russa's Animal Rescue Foundation. In addition to those just mentioned, you probably have seen Havey in the movies "Hancock" starring Will Smith, "The Informant!" with Matt Damon, "Internal Affairs" with Richard Gere and Andy Garcia, "Checking Out" with Jeff Daniels, "Rounders" (again with Matt Damon), "Wild Things Part 2: The Glades" with Isaiah Washington and on Larry David's "Curb Your Enthusiasm" on HBO. Outside of both television and the big screen, Havey has appeared at just about every major comedy festival worldwide and on radio shows all over the globe, which takes us back to "Howiewood & Haveywood." Both Allan and myself are huge fans of movies as I've been doing movie reviews for the past two decades now and Allan appears in them. He has a unique "inside" take on everything Hollywood and turns it into a very funny segment on my morning radio every Monday which has become a favorite to those here locally and also online.

But with Allan doing all these things, where does he find the time to do stand up comedy you ask? Well, you might not know this — and how could you — but Havey's comedy onstage is an offshoot of how he is offstage. The character you see on stage is him eliminating the fluff factor as his act has no filler in it. He edits as he goes even though there is a script, pauses if someone is being inquisitive about something — heckling — and always drives his point home to the fullest — he's very funny. He has been recognized and just about every comedy festival imaginable and has toured all over the planet.

If you ask Allan what his favorite venue or city he's worked in is, you might be surprised by his answer. By far his favorite place to perform has been overseas entertaining our troops in both war zones and at military installations around the globe. He won't admit it, but Havey is very humble and appreciates much, never taking anything for granted — which is a lot more than I can say about other comics.

Don McEnery

Also returning for the first time this year, Don McEnery brings his dry, wry and why intellectual act to the Lake just as Spring is getting under way. You'd never guess that, underneath that frail form, a biting wit exists. Don has this understated tone about him that if you nod off for a sec you'll miss where the funny came from. Don has this subtle persona at first as you wonder where is he going with this setup, then it slowly transforms (but not much) into what will eventually become the "funny." Don is a little on the mild-mannered side of life, so you need to follow him to really appreciate the journey. When you first hear him, you'll know right away that he's a very good writer.

And as a writer, Don has received an Emmy nomination for his work writing an episode of "Seinfeld." He also received an "Outstanding Individual Achievement for Writing" award for his contribution in the animated feature, "A Bug's Life" (1998). Other writing credits include Disney's feature film "Hercules," the aforementioned Pixar/Disney's production of "A Bug's Life," "Vida de Inseto," "Bichos" and Sony Picture's "Stuart Little III."

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Don headlines clubs and theaters all over the country and has also opened for such headliners as Howie Mandel, Don McClain and Tower of Power. I can't think of a better way to treat a fellow Aries than to come out to the show, this being an Aries month. Okay, even if you're not one, Don is well worth checking out.

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