Biker cleans up at Senior World Games |

Biker cleans up at Senior World Games

Courtesy of Joey LeavesleyJoey Leavesley checks the quality of the gold medal he picked up for his overall biking performance at the Senior World Games in St. George, Utah. Leavesley picked up three medals in the 65-69 age bracket.

Now that he’s retired, Joey Leavesley loves every minute of his new full-time job. By all means, biking is not a bad way to spend the day.The South Tahoe local captured three biking medals in the 65-69 age bracket at the Senior World Games in St. George, Utah last weekend. Not just any medals. Leavesley walked away with a gold in overall and two silvers in downhill and cross-country.Not bad for someone who is a self-proclaimed skier, not biker. “I hold the record on the face, so mountain biking was a little outside of my realm,” Leavesley said.Didn’t seem to be a problem at the games, but maybe that’s because Leavesley has logged some serious miles on his bike. Leavesley has pedaled more than 150,000 miles in his past 34 years in Tahoe, including 5,000 miles around the lake. This year alone, he biked around the lake nine times, bringing the total up to 64 trips around the lake. He biked about 7,000 miles this year to get ready for his trip to Utah. Leavesley can often be spotted biking in his Pink Floyd jersey.

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