Bloopers 2012 style – Daniel Tosh will return to Tahoe in December |

Bloopers 2012 style – Daniel Tosh will return to Tahoe in December

Tim Parsons, Lake Tahoe Action

NFL Films’ Steve Sabol and his father Ed Sabol changed the way Americans watch sports on television, making football games appear more spectacular than they really are with the use of slow motion and close-up photography, dramatic story lines, trumpets and drums.

And, of course, the bloopers.

Sabol filmed players as they ran the wrong way into their own end zone, fumbled and stumbled in the mud, and he captured comments from coaches and players hooked up to a microphone. The bloopers often had voice-over commentary, making the hilarity even greater. Sabol loved to pile on.

Sabol died last week, two weeks before his 70th birthday. We wonder what he thought of the television show “Tosh.O,” which is a contemporary version of those blooper episodes Sabol helped start the 1960s. Host Daniel Tosh has unlimited material today with the Internet and video-recording cell phones ubiquitous throughout the world. The humor – most of which is slapstick – can be quite dark. Tosh has taken piling on to unprecedented heights.

Daniel Tosh will appear at 9 a.m. Saturday, Dec. 15, in the MontBleu Theatre. Tickets cost $55, $65 and $75. They can be purchased online at and and by telephone at 888-829-7760.

Tosh also performed at MontBleu in December 2011. Tickets for that show sold out in just two hours, and a second show was added. This time MontBleu officials say there will be just one Tosh performance, and tickets for the one show “are expected to sell out immediately.”

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Although they allowed millions of viewers to enjoy professional football from home, Sabol and NFL Films never threatened the ability of teams to sell out stadiums. The NFL remains a lucrative venture today, despite presenting a seriously flawed product. Franchise owners have locked out the referees in a labor dispute, and NFL games are now officiated by men who appear to be more suited for Pop Warner youth football contests. Want bloopers? The NFL has ensured them, at least for the time being.

We wonder what Steve Sabol might think of it all.

The Tosh tickets go on sale at 10 a.m. Friday, Sept. 28.

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