Brad Paisley plays with charm, generosity |

Brad Paisley plays with charm, generosity

Susanne Haala, Lake Tahoe Action

Jim Grant / Harrah's-HarveysBrad Paisley rock the Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys.

Brad Paisley showed off with quite a lot of surprises during his concert with Easton Corbin and the Band Perry at the Lake Tahoe Outdoor Arena at Harveys Saturday in Stateline.

“It is such a pleasure to be back in one of the most beautiful places on earth, it really is awesome here, isn’t it? With the lake and the mountains?” Paisley said.

“They also were telling me that we are over 6,000 feet here, we were near San Francisco on the bay at sea level yesterday so the band may act drunk, and usually they are, but today it’s altitude sickness,” he joked.

Most of his fans knew that he was going to impress with his unique skills to play instrumentals or sing his characteristic country music.

But what nobody really expected was that Paisley also has a big heart and is quite a funny guy, whose fans come first. As one of the highlights, Paisley, who finished playing one of his songs, took a pen, signed the guitar he just played and gave it to one of his fans.

The Band Perry and Easton Corbin, who got the audience into the right mood, played the opening part for the Paisley concert, which started out with the song “Camouflage” and Paisley coming up on stage only visible in his silhouettes.

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“Brad Paisley never fails at putting on a great show and it was another fabulous night in Tahoe with the added twist of country,” said owner of GLO Mobile Spray Tanning Kristin Livak, who attended the event.

“Good music, good people, gorgeous sunset. It really doesn’t get much better than that,” she said.

And that Paisley was one of the good people he proved once more during his show.

“Let’s make a video,” he said and took one of the fans’ cell phones to shoot a video from his perspective on stage including himself. But that wasn’t the only distraction for the singer that night.

“I’m singing all night to a big restroom sign. Makes me wanna go to the bathroom,” Paisley joked.

Paisley played most of his songs from his album “This Is Country Music,” which included songs that mostly talk a lot about love, relationships and girls.

“Alright, ladies, I gotta talk about something very important. And that is what you are doing to men,” Paisley told his female fans before he performed his song “I’m Still A Guy.”

He said that girls march them down to a salon, get him hair highlights, manicure, pedicure, back waxed, and just feminize him a little bit.

“What it really is, is the castration of the modern man,” he joked. “You take a guy and you basically do exactly what they do to a steer, and he’s left with nothing but memories of what it used to be.”

Marissa Karacheck from Reno, who visited the concert in Stateline, was charmed by Paisley’s humor.

“I loved his performances and jokes he made,” she said and also praised the special light effects and his colorful guitars.

In the end, Paisley praised his musicians who he has been with for 13 years. One of his band members even was born and raised at Lake Tahoe, the band’s electric guitarist Gary Hooker.

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