Caltrans pilot program facilitates electronic bidding |

Caltrans pilot program facilitates electronic bidding

Provided to the Tribune

Caltrans has begun a pilot program to accept contractor bids through an online electronic bidding system.

The new system reduces project costs and expedites the bidding process, according to a Caltrans press release. Contractor bids previously had to be physically delivered to Caltrans district offices across California, depending on where the job was to be built. Bids on all contracts can now be submitted online at

Caltrans expects a gradual transition over from the existing system to the e-bid pilot program, with both methods of bid submittal available as contractors decide which works best for them.

In recent months, Caltrans has trained about 100 contractors across the state on how to use the interface to submit electronic bids as it transitions to an all-electronic bidding system.

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