Candidate profile: Clinton Schue |

Candidate profile: Clinton Schue

Clinton Schue describes himself as a residential home builder, project consultant and business owner. He’s lived at the South Shore since 1992.

I am constantly working with the agencies that all homeowners, real estate professionals and business owners have to deal with on a day to day. I see many areas that are in need of improvement and hear from our community of many others. I am here to see the city generate more revenue. If we can get together and turn out an area plan that makes it easier to get projects done in the basin, it will help with more investment and more jobs in our city.

My very first priority is to bring more business and revenue to the city. We need to balance the budget right away. Next I would like to work on lake clarity and a streamlined permitting process. When we look at lake clarity we need more projects to catch storm water from roadways and commercial centers to improve near shore clarity. We also need (Best Management Practice) incentive programs not just for residential. The giving additional coverage for decks on homes that are BMP compliant is a start. We need to give incentives to the commercial properties as well.

I think the current council has worked very hard. They have a difficult position with a very complex job with long hours. I applaud anyone who has committed themselves to public service. I do think there is much more we can do to bring new revenue in the city that has not been explored yet.

For the most part I agree with the plan. I do not think it will be necessary to make so many cuts if we can increase revenue. By making programs easier for investors to obtain permits for construction and making fees reasonable, we create growth and bring more property taxes into the city from reassessed properties. Property tax is the city’s largest revenue source and represents 23 percent of our general fund.

We also need more focus on marketing our recreation and creating more recreation that we can generate revenue from. Our recreation only represents 7 percent of our general fund currently and we can easily increase that number.

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The loop road as currently designed will have a negative effect on business owners and homeowners in the area. I see nothing wrong with pursuing the loop road when we have funds for it and when we can come up with an alternative like a pedestrian overpass from Raley’s to Heavenly Village so the traffic can be routed on Park (Avenue) possibly and our local businesses and homeowners can stay where they are.

I think an increase in events like SnowGlobe, Tahoe Marathon and Street Vibrations are all good for the city. They create revenue for our local business community and that helps create new jobs.

We can’t keep pulling money out of our general fund to balance the budget. If we make any more cuts we will lose needed city services. Bottom line, we need to create more revenue. The citizens do not want to see more taxes. In order to do this we need to bring more business to town. Whether it comes from property tax, sales tax, (Transient Occupancy Tax) or recreation. We need a council that will focus on bringing in more revenue, not making cuts.

The city needs to be speaking with potential developers and discussing different options. The main item the city needs to look at it is any potential developers ability and funding.

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