Chabad offers Hanukkah class |
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Chabad offers Hanukkah class

Chabad Jewish Center of Lake Tahoe will host a Hanukkah class, "The Need for Jewish PR: Why We Must Engage the World," Nov. 27 at the Chabad Jewish Center.

The class is a comprehensive examination of the historical Jewish responses to discrimination and persecution, according to class instructor Rabbi Mordechai Richler. It surveys those communities who chose to assimilate into the wider society, and those that chose instead to shut the doors of the ghetto and recede into their own insular world. By integrating the underlying beliefs that compelled these courses of actions, the class seeks to open a third, better alternative.

The class will be held Nov. 27 at 1898 Venice Drive at 7:15 p.m. The class, which includes a Power Point presentation and text handouts, is free but students are encouraged to call Chabad at 530-314-7677 or email to RSVP.