Cheers & Kudos: Heavenly Tahoe Vacation hosts AAD |

Cheers & Kudos: Heavenly Tahoe Vacation hosts AAD

Representing Heavenly Mountain Resorts, Heavenly Tahoe Vacations sent a crew from their Reservations office to work side by side with Bread & Broth volunteers to help serve 108 meals to the guests attending the Monday evening dinner on June 16. Returning for another Adopt A Day dinner serving were Kari Natividad, Connie Yee, Michele Beall, Trace Kment and Mary Hajdas.

These experienced sponsor volunteers were "glad to come back and have this opportunity to serve" according to Trace. Kari also added, "It's fun to come in together from the office." The Reservations crew members kept busy and helpful with bagging "give aways", line serving, setting up and handing out desserts and drinks, and cleanup.

Bread & Broth would like to acknowledge and thank Heavenly Mountain Resort for their financial sponsorship and providing excellent volunteers who are always helpful, positive and enthusiastic. Our B&B volunteers and our grateful dinner guests are truly thankful for Heavenly's monthly sponsorships which on average feed over 90 needy members of the Lake Tahoe South Shore community.

To help B&B as a donor or sponsor, contact Carol at 530-542-2876 or

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