Comedian plays the scam artists, Harveys Improv |

Comedian plays the scam artists, Harveys Improv

Howie Nave, Harveys Improv

Howie Nave, left, and Joel Lindley appear this week at the Improv in Harveys Resort and Casino. There are two shows Saturday.

If you’ve never experienced the dark side of comedy now is a great opportunity to do so.

You know those thoughts you sometimes have in your head that would be too embarrassing to share with others if they ever came out? Well, that’s Joel Lindley, the headliner through Sunday at the Improv at Harveys Resort and Casino.

Those thoughts seem like something out of “Sesame Street.” Mind you Joel wasn’t always this way. It took years of rejection and trusting others to get to this point in his life. I remember when one of his ex-girlfriends got hold of his password to one of his social networking sites changed it but not before saying pretty bad things about him and posting women should steer clear of him. Ouch!

A native of Brighton, N.Y, Joel works the comedy circuit all across the country and tries to get back up here at least once a year. He’s appeared on television shows like “Boston Public,” “Late Night with Conan O’Brien,” “Evening at the Improv,” “MTV’s Half Hour Comedy Show,” “Comix Strip Live,” and Comedy Central’s “2 Drink Minimum.”

Joel has done some pretty off-the-wall things most of it pretty funny too creating characters such as “Trucker Clock,” “Bouncer Guy,” and “El Conquistador.”

But Joel does more than just make people laugh. He prides himself on exposing scam artists like those trying to take advantage of others using the Internet as their means of scamming people out of their money. Remember those Nigerian spammers informing you that millions of unclaimed dollars were waiting for you if you would just send a couple of thousand bucks as a processing fee? Well, Joel would send replies to each of those emails and have a check ready to go only after setting up an appointment to actually meet with the individuals at Los Angeles International Airport!

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He would give them the bogus check if they would agree to have their picture taken holding an outrageous sign or posing like an nimrod to show what idiots they were. Then Joel would post them on a website dedicated exclusively to those scammers for all to see! And if that wasn’t enough Joel has been going after Internet dating sites (mainly from Eastern Europe) that promise beautiful models await you and primarily are interested only in American.

Opening comic Avi Liberman has a unique blend of wholesomeness coupled with a quirky style that defines his standup career.

Born in Israel, raised in Texas and educated in New York City (say what?), Avi would eventually settle in Los Angeles.

He has performed standup comedy on CBS’ “Late Late Show” with Craig Ferguson, Comedy Central’s “Premium Blend” and “Make Me Laugh” as well as on NBC’s “Friday Night!” His acting credits include “Dave’s World” on CBS, “Boston Common” on NBC and “Andytown U.S.A.” on Comedy Central. Avi can be seen regularly on E! as one of their frequent guests on the very popular countdown series. He has also guest starred on “Movies At Our House,” as well as having shot a pilot titled “Through the Keyhole” both on AMC. He’s also been heard on radio stations across the country.

A successful commercial actor, Avi has appeared in spots for “Mercedes,” “L.A. Cellular,” “Miller Lite,” “Starbucks” and “Net Zero.” He has appeared at the prestigious Montreal Just for Laughs Festival and booked comics on his own for tours to Israel donating all of the proceeds to different charities. Avi’s observations on life experiences and topical issues are more than enough to keep his comedy plate full.

Avi has performed overseas entertaining our men and women in uniform and says he never tires of that knowing he is helping to lift the morale of those serving in our armed forces.

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