Complete election results from Douglas County |

Complete election results from Douglas County

Kurt Hildebrand

Jim GrantBarry Penzel views early voting results on Tuesday night.

Incumbent County Commissioner Mike Olson was at a Genoa Town Board meeting as the votes were counted on Tuesday night. Not long after the board retired, Olson learned that he’d lost a close race to challenger Barry Penzel, 10,757 to 10,087.

Olson received only 670 votes fewer than Penzel, closing a little of the gap that he had to overcome from the primary.

“Barry’s a good guy he worked hard and did a good job,” Olson said. “There was not a lot of angst and anger in that campaign. The people of Douglas County had a tough choice to make and they made it. I think I contributed to accomplishing some good things for Douglas County we’ll see how they pan out.”

Penzel thanked both the people of Douglas County and Olson for running a good campaign.

“I’m very grateful and I’m humbled by the experience,” Penzel said. “I’m looking forward to working with commissioners, and I’m anxious to find out what the residents’ priorities are so we can align them with the county. This is a great opportunity to move the county forward in a cooperative way and I’m really anxious to get the process going.”

Incumbent commissioner Doug Johnson won a third and last term in the election by defeating Planning Commissioner Frank Godecke, 11,609 votes to 9,503.

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“You’ve got to be a little humbled,” Johnson said. “With 55-45 percent, there’s still a good portion of Douglas County that’s not on my side. I’m sure I’ve made some decisions that irritated a few people.”

Johnson, who will be only the second commissioner in Douglas County history to term limit out, said he spent the last four days distributing 1,600 door hangers and that he felt voters’ opposition.

“I could feel that people disagreed with me on deciding factors,” he said. “Out of all the elections this was the toughest. I was stressed out all the way through this.”

Johnson thanked the people of Douglas County for their vote. I’m real proud and real honored to be re-elected,” he said. “I never, ever thought I’d do this in the first place.”

Godecke said his first foray into politics was a positive one.

“This has been a really fun experience,” he said. “I’ve had a great time getting out and meeting people. Even though I’m a native and I’ve lived here all my life, there were a lot of people I didn’t know out there. I’ve enjoyed every bit of it, except for this last part. I wish Doug all the best in his last four years.”

Incumbent school board members Karen Chessell and Teri Jamin both hung onto their seats, while Neal Freitas defeated John Louritt for the seat being vacated by Randy Green.

East Fork Justice of the Peace Tom Perkins defeated challenger Wayne Fazzino 12,474 votes to 6,113, clinching a six-year term on the bench.

East Fork Swimming Pool District incumbent Gordon Gray survived the election. Janine Petrick-Sullivan and Alisa Ashbaugh won seats on the five-member board.

Indian Hills residents Chris Johnson and Ronald Lynch won terms on the general improvement district board.

Gardnerville residents Lloyd Higuera and Mary Wenner will serve on the town board. Minden Town Board members Steven Thaler and John Stephans will return for another four-year term.

Former county commissioners Bob Allgeier and Barbara Smallwood will serve on the Minden Gardnerville Sanitation District.

Final results were released by Douglas County Clerk-Treasurer at 9:36 p.m. First results were not released until 8:30 p.m. when Washoe and Clark counties finally closed their polls.

“I was surprised at how fast the polls closed here and how fast the poll workers got their cartridges in,” he said.

The 91.5 percent turnout was not enough to break the record turnout set in 2008, but it came within a percentage point.


Mitt Romney 16,264

*Barack Obama 9,288

Gary Johnson 275

Virgil Goode 73

U.S. Senate

*Dean Heller 16,629

Shelley Berkley 6,947

David Vanderbeek 1,137

None of these 1,056

Rep in Congress

*Mark Amodei 16,841

Samuel Koepnick 6,904

Michael Haines 807

Russell Best 348

State Assembly District 39

*Jim Wheeler 17,459

David Schumann 5,464

County Commission District 1

Greg Lynn 19,161

County Commission District 3

Doug Johnson 11,609

Frank Godecke 9,503

County Commission District 5

Barry Penzel 10,757

Michael Olson 10,087

Board of Regents

*Ron Knecht 12,194

Michon Mackedon 7,215

State Board of Education

*Dave Cook 11,662

Donna Clotz 7,822

School Board Trustee Area 1

Karen Chessell 10,879

Ron Santi 7,962

School Board Trustee Area 4

Neal Freitas 9,999

John Louritt 8,412

School Board Trustee Area 5

Teri Jamin 9,985

Laurence Lippman 8,777

East Fork Justice of the Peace

Tom Perkins 12474

Wayne Fazzino 6,113

East Fork Swimming Pool District

Janine Petrick-Sullivan 7,351

Alisa Ashbaugh 7,102

Gordon Gray 6,900

Carl Schnock 5,683

Dave Nishikida 5,621

David Oren 4,720

Robert Cutts 3,145

Indian Hills General Improvement District

Chris Johnson 743

Ron Lynch 692

Jimmy Weaver 548

Charles Swanson 531

Kingsbury Grade General Improvement District

Natalie Yanish 650

Robert McDowell 536

Jodie Nelson 489

Greg Felton 478

Ed Johns 334

Marla Bay General Improvement District

Ann Barnard 41

Roy Pike 35

Ronald Borsos 13

Round Hill General Improvement District

Glen Smith 186

Wesley Rice 156

Michael Pook 80

Minden-Gardnerville Sanitation District

Bob Allgeier 1,943

Barbara Smallwood 1,908

Jerry Smith 1,769

Tahoe Douglas Fire District

Larry Schussel 1,370

Greg Felton 1,361

Steve Seibel 1,300

Lawrence Howell 1,111

Tahoe Douglas Sewer Distrit

Richard Gardner 402

Diane Imbach 374

John Peel 364

Michael Riley 363

Tom Kennedy 227

Bedford Holmes 199

Town of Gardnerville

Mary A. Wenner 1,081

Lloyd Higuera 1,053

Jeff Schemenauer 710

Marco Caldana 437

Town of Minden

Steven Thaler 1,011

John Stephans 958

Howard Herz 531

State Question No. 1

*Yes 10,983

No 13,244

* Denotes statewide winner

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