County offers telephone check-in program |
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County offers telephone check-in program

El Dorado County has created the You Are Not Alone Program to provide free check-in calls to residents.

Being alone is one of the greatest fears older adults or persons with disabilities have, according to a press release. The program provides daily telephone calls checking in on their safety. In the event something does happen, a family or friend and medical personnel is notified. The enrollment process provides the person with two morning flexible calling schedules and multiple contacts in the event of an emergency. This program is suited for seniors or disabled adults who live alone, were recently discharged from the hospital, live in a rural area with limited neighbors or family or have a medical condition or mobility issues, the release stated.

The program is made possible by a coordinated effort between the EDC Health and Human Services and the EDC Sheriffs Department STAR Volunteers.

For more information, call 530-621-6255.