Genoa Lakes course sales still on track, owner says |

Genoa Lakes course sales still on track, owner says

Kurt Hildebrand

The owner of the Genoa Lakes golf courses denied rumors that the closure of the resort course was any indication that a deal to sell the two golf courses has fallen through.

Mario Antoci said Wednesday that while the sale to Mazz Golf Management Co. was not yet a done deal, there’s still a good possibility that it will go through by the end of the month.

“The deal is not as strong as we had hoped,” Antoci said.

The resort course closed earlier this week for the season, something that happens every year, Antochi said.

“We looked at the tee sheet and it only has two people on it,” he said. “We’ll close one course during the winter and keep the other one open as long as weather permits.”

He pointed out that come spring, it’s likely the resort course will reopen before the older lakes course.

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“If there’s still snow on one course, we’ll open the other course first,” Antoci said. “The snow usually melts on the resort course first.”

Antoci said he was hoping the deal would have been finalized and he would be enjoying retirement by now.

The sale of the two courses, which comprise 36 holes and 564 acres, was expected to close on Sept. 28 when it first came to light in mid-September.

A few days before that date, a press release reported the sale’s completion would occur in mid-October.

Mike and Denise Mazzaferri are the owners of Mazz Golf Management Co., and currently hold the management contract with Washoe County for the operation of Sierra Sage Golf Course in Stead.

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