Great Scott, Havey meet Harveys this week at Tahoe’s Comedy Club |

Great Scott, Havey meet Harveys this week at Tahoe’s Comedy Club

Howie Nave, Lake Tahoe Action

Allan Havey and Howie Nave have a Monday radio show, “Howiewood & Haveywood.” They are together in person through Sunday at the Improv.

We didn’t think Allan Havey was going to return because his television exposure has kept him going back and forth to either coast. But we were able to tailor his schedule this time and get him back to the Improv before the end of the world (according to the Mayan calendar) and just enough time, too, before Halloween. Allan’s act is a straight-forward, take-no-prisoners experience. If you happen to catch my morning radio show you can hear Havey on a Monday segment, “Howiewood & Haveywood,” in which Allan and I sometimes spar on topics related to movies. Allan seems to have the best, behind-the-scenes with Hollywood since he’s a part of it. By the way, his television pilot for Bravo, “To Kill a Kardashian,” was shot down because even if all of them were eliminated that would mean the series would be over after just one season. There is talk though of making it a pay-per-view special on cable. Havey has also appeared in a lot of movies himself. That would include “Hancock” starring Will Smith, “The Informant!” with Matt Damon, with Richard Gere and Andy Garcia in “Internal Affairs,” and “Checking Out” with Jeff Daniels, “Rounders” (again with Matt Damon) and “Wild Things 2” with Isaiah Washington. On the television scene you’ve probably run across him on such shows as “The Late Show with David Letterman,” “Late Night With Conan O’Brien, Comedy Central, Larry David’s “Curb Your Enthusiasm” on HBO and repeat appearances on Ashton Kutcher’s reality-based television show, “Punk’d.” Did you see him in last season of comedian Louis C.K.’s very popular series, “Louie” on the FX Network? The two of them go way back. Louis C.K. remembers how nice Allan was to him so having him appear on his show just made sense, and he was hilarious! Expect more of the same down the road, folks. Let’s get back to what made all of this possible: Allan’s standup includes observational, topical and plenty of improvisation with the audience members as the catalyst. That’s why at a Havey show you never get the exact show that you might have witnessed the night before. It’d because of this that people return and also a reason why Havey has been invited to perform at so many comedy festivals around the globe. Montreal’s Just For Laughs Comedy Festival, the Kilkenny Comedy Festival in Ireland, Aspen Comedy Festival and The New York Comedy Festival in this country are but a small sample of the events he has performed. He’s also toured Australia and venues all over Europe and is already booked into 2013, so that’s why we’re fortunate to have him up here at Harveys through Sunday.Allan said a war zone is the best place he’s ever performed. Yep, doing shows for our troops overseas is still the best experience he’s had as an entertainer. Now that I think of it if CDs of his show were dropped in Pakistan and Afghanistan the Taliban would probably surrender and never mess with America ever again.

When I think of Shoulder Season, I sometimes think of opening comic Scott Kennedy. I also think of Caltrans and wish they’d finish Lake Tahoe Boulevard, but that’s a different story. Scott is a big guy and you can hide behind his shoulders. I said, “Yes” when he asked if I would go to Iraq and Kuwait to perform for our military because I knew there was more than enough room to take shelter if things got a little hairy over there. Scott has been taking comics overseas to Iraq, Kuwait and Afghanistan (which is on-hold because of some of the intense fighting) to perform at military installations for two-week engagements since we first started fighting over there and just returned for the 53rd time! It’s been estimated Scott has entertained close to 72,000 military personnel over the seven or so years he’s been in the Middle East and that doesn’t begin to include the military installations he has performed at in other parts of the world.Being around and serving in military environments is nothing new for Scott. During his younger years he attended the New Mexico Military Institute after high school. Before that he played football in Lubbock, Texas during his high school years. This probably served him well when he first took up comedy as a career performing on stage but instead of crowds in the bleachers had comedy patrons in a club setting. Scott has been on Comedy Central’s Premium Blend and his 1⁄2 hour special, “Comedy Central Presents: Scott Kennedy” still airs. He was also the featured performer at HBO’s U.S. Comedy Arts Festival in Aspen, Colorado and performed at Montreal’s Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. It’ll be a nice mix having Havey and Kennedy together on the same bill. Be there.

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