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Heavenly freestylers battle icy moguls

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Courtesy of Tom Idzorek Heavenly skiers Zach Shearer, left, and Shanti Payne make their way down the moguls in duals at the Far West Freesking mogul competition at Squaw Valley last weekend.

Temperatures dipped well below zero last weekend, but Far West Freestyle skiers still hit the slopes for an icy battle down king-sized moguls.

Heavenly Foundation skiers braved temperatures as low as minus 14 for the Far West moguls event at Squaw Valley on Red Dog run.

Gabriella Fisher tossed some big 360’s. The 12-year-old stunned everyone with her second-place finish in duals.

Shanti Payne’s mind boggling turns and big airs have made him Heavenly Mountain Resort’s top mogul skier, according to coach Jere Crawford. Payne has two third-place finishes and one fourth-place finish.

Mia Idzorek displayed her patented spread and got two J-4 podiums. Karli Anderson shrugged off frozen feet and got two J-5 fourth-place finishes. Ally Sullivan got a J-4 fourth with her fast feet and sick spreads.

Yamato Kashima just missed the podium Saturday, with a fourth-place finish, throwing his truck driver loop. Zach Shearer threw his big inverts, finished in the top seven in all events, and picked up a J-3 win. Josh Sullivan busted out some gnarly 360’s and smooth turns. Dean Ambrosi showed off his big 360’s and fast turns. Rookie Range Chapman ripped his way to a J-4 bronze. Matthew Sullivan tore up the course with quick turns and rad airs.-

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Far West Freestyle Results

Single moguls Sat, Jan. 12

Women overall placed score

Gabriella Fisher 7 1, J-4 14.98

Mia Idzorek 10 3, J-4 11.56

Karli Anderson 20 4, J-5

Men overall placed score

Shanti Payne 3 2 J-2 22.07

Yamato Kashima 4 1 senior 19.68

Zach Shearer 7 2 J-3 17.98

Joshua Sullivan 11 4 J-3 11.17

Dean Ambrosi 12 5 J-3 9.56

Range Chapman 17 3 J-4 8.06

Matthew Sullivan 20 5 J-5 6.25 – –

Single moguls Sun, Jan. 13

Women overall placed score

Gabriella Fisher 4 1 J-4 14.66

Mia Idzorek 8 2 J-4 10.95

Ally Sullivan 11 4 J-4 10.42

Karli Anderson 21 4 J-5 6.15

Men overall placed score

Shanti Payne 3 2 J-2 20.38

Yamato Kashima 5 1 senior 19.35

Zach Shearer 6 1 J-3 18.19

Dean Ambrosi 11 5 J-3 11.34

Range Chapman 18 4 J-4 7.10

Joshua Sullivan 22 7 J-3 4.80

Duals Sun Jan 13

Women overall

Gabriella Fisher 2

Mia Idzorek 8

Alli Sullivan 11

Karli Anderson 21

Men overall

Shanti Payne 4

Yamato Kashima 6

Zach Shearer 7

Josh Sullivan 16

Dean Ambrosi 17

Range Chapman 19

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