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King of forwards

Becky Regan

There were plenty of good forwards in the Sierra League this year, but Brooke King was the best of them all.

King was named All-League MVP Forward and first team All-State.

She wasn’t alone.

Almost every starter on the South Tahoe girls soccer team picked up a spot among the best this year. The Lady Vikings claimed six All-State honors and 12 All-League spots.

Brooke King was a powerhouse forward for the Vikings this season. The senior lead the team with 20 goals, and was second in assists with eight. She also turned in a tremendous postseason performance.

The speedy forward was a leader in the Vikings’ playoff push with three goals and five assists. She netted the go-ahead goal in the semifinal match against Truckee to earn the VIkings their third consecutive state playoff trip.

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Forward Brittany Sanchez, midfielder Ally King, and utility player Jensen Smith were a big part of that playoff effort too. The three all made second team All-State. Midfielder Alisa Caro and defender Annie Kate Genasci earned All-State honorable mentions.

Sanchez, Ally King, Smith, Caro and Genasci also made up an All-League first team.

Genasci was part of a defense that allowed just nine goals during regular season play. Together, with All-League teammates Smith, Sarah Higginbotham, Riley Chapman, and goalkeeper Alejandra Orozco, the girls put up a defense that opponents rarely made it through.

“They hardly got scored on this year. They were fast and could outrun anyone,” Brooke King said.

Chapman’s defense earned her second team defender. She was joined on All-League second team by forward Brittany Hubberts and midfielder Jordyn Dion.

Defender Higginbotham, goalkeeper Orozco, and midfielders Cassidy Jackson and Brianna Carroll rounded out the All-League selections with honorable mentions.

The girls finished the season undefeated in league (8-0-2) and 19-2-2 overall.

Soccer Results


First Team

Forward – Brooke King

Second Team

Forward – Brittany Sanchez

Midfield – Ally King

Utility – Jensen Smith

Honorable Mention

Midfield – Alisa Caro

Defense – Annie Kate Genasci

Girls All-LEAGUE

Division I-A

MVP Forward – Brooke King (South Tahoe)

MVP Midfield – Olivia Duner (Truckee)

MVP Defense – Melisa Pena (Truckee)

Division III

MVP League – Sophie Breider (Incline)

MVP Offense – Haley Derr (Incline)

MVP Defense – Angela Wood (North Tahoe)

Division I-A First Team

Forward-Kaylee Neill (Truckee)

Forward-Brittany Sanchez (South Tahoe)

Forward-Andrea Gumina (Sparks)

Midfield-Melissa Cardoza (Truckee)

Midfield-Norma Robles (Sparks)

Midfield-Ally King (South Tahoe)

Midfield-Alisa Caro (South Tahoe)

Defense-Annie Kate Genasci (South Tahoe)

Defense-Maria Sanchez (Sparks)

Defense-Sarah Svoboda (Truckee)

Goalkeeper-Cassandra Sawyer (Truckee)

Utility Player-Jensen Smith (South Tahoe)

Coach of the Year-Katie Jamison (Truckee)

Division III First Team

Forward-Vanessa Andrade (Incline)

Forward-Elise Nelson (Incline)

Midfield-Emily Pieper (North Tahoe)

Midfield-Skylar Smith (Whittell)

Midfield-Sabrina Trachsel (Whittell)

Midfield-Kayla Goldberg (Incline)

Defense-Kami Abi-Nader (North Tahoe)

Defense-Sierra Forvilly (Whittell)

Defense-Hannah Johnson (Incline)

Goalkeeper-Sarah Wright (Incline)

Utility Player-Kerrie Tonking (Incline)

Coach of the Year-Tom Canino (Incline)

Second Team (D-IA, DIII combined)

Forward-Quinn Parker (Truckee)

Forward-Brittany Hubberts (South Tahoe)

Forward-Jenny Shepack (Whittell)

Midfield-Liz Buhler (North Tahoe)

Midfield-Alondra Luna (Incline)

Midfield-Jordyn Dion (South Tahoe)

Midfield-Kenya Maltase (Whittell)

Defense-Caroline May (Incline)

Defense-Riley Chapman (South Tahoe)

Defense-Heather Fissel (Truckee)

Goalkeeper-Brittany Boulet (Whittell)

Utility Player-Shelby Matthews (Truckee)

Honorable Mention (D-IA, DIII combined)

Bozhie Pokorny (North Tahoe)

Julia Semmens (North Tahoe)

Hannah Perkins (North Tahoe)

Valeria Guerreo (Sparks)

Ana Torres (Sparks)

Yasmine Felipe (Sparks)

Ivette Mendoza (Sparks)

Kate Krolicki (Whittell)

Michael Gardner (Whittell)

Gisselle Benitez (Whittell)

Cassidy Jackson (South Tahoe)

Sarah Higginbotham (South Tahoe)

Brianna Carroll (South Tahoe)

Alejandra Orozco (South Tahoe)

Karina Rivera (Truckee)

Emma Warren (Truckee)

Katie Johnson (Incline)

Boys All-League

Division I-A

MVP Forward – Hector Hernandez, Sparks

MVP Midfield – Nash McMullen, Truckee

MVP Defense – Reed McMullen, Truckee

Division III

MVP Midfield – Salvador Vargas (Incline)

MVP Offense – Kyle Reeves (Incline)

MVP Defense – Riley McCarthy (North Tahoe)

Division I-A First Team

Forward-Jesse Fereira (Truckee)

Forward-Ruben Pacheco (Sparks)

Forward-Kevin Partida (Sparks)

Midfield-Vicente Cervantes (Sparks)

Midfield-Jose Sarabia (Truckee)

Midfield-Colten Roderigue (Truckee)

Midfield-Juan Hernandez (Sparks)

Defense-Alvaro Medina (Sparks)

Defense-Armando Diaz (Truckee)

Defense-Andres Orozco (South Tahoe)

Goal Keeper-Ignacio Diaz (Truckee)

Utility Player-Ruben Diaz (Truckee)

Coach of the Year-Casey Eberhardt (Truckee)

Coach of the Year-Frank Avilla (Sparks)

Division III First Team

Forward-Trevor Semmens (North Tahoe)

Forward-Drew Bessette (Incline)

Forward-Eduardo Martinez (North Tahoe)

Midfield-Francisco Medina (North Tahoe)

Midfield-Mark Waite (Whittell)

Midfield-Erick Rodriguez (Incline)

Midfield-Wildon DesLauriers (North Tahoe)

Defense-Oscar Gudino (Incline)

Defense-Spenser Buchholz (Whittell)

Defense-Hugo Garcia (Incline)

Goalkeeper-Austin Neil (Whittell)

Utility Player-Nico Monforte (North Tahoe)

Coach of the Year-Tom Canino (Incline)

Second Team (D-IA, DIII combined)

Forward-Oscar Gomez (Sparks)

Forward-Fernando Rodriguez (Truckee)

Forward-Danny Garcia (North Tahoe)

Midfield-Hector Banuelos (Incline)

Midfield-Marshall Neil (Whittell)

Midfield-David Martinez (Truckee)

Midfield-Chase Whitney (North Tahoe)

Defense-Max Barta (Truckee)

Defense-Angel Guerrero (North Tahoe)

Defense-Luis Geisendorf (Sparks)

Defense-Rodney Aguirre Rodriguez (Whittell)

Utility Player-Brian Cuadros (Incline)

Honorable Mention (D-IA, DIII combined)

Joseph Dominguez (Sparks)

Ceasar Arroyo (Sparks)

Alex Tyler (North Tahoe)

Renaldo Hernandez (Sparks)

Nico Kuyper (Truckee)

Bryce Bronken (Whittell)

Lucas Early (North Tahoe)

Thomas Arnstein (Truckee)

Derek Heldt-Werle (Whittell)

Garrett Driller (North Tahoe)

Jose Mendoza (Sparks)

Austin Simonpietri (Truckee)

Charles Jurzenski (Whittell)

Jose Rios (Sparks)

Omar Vargas (North Tahoe)

Rolando Zarate (Truckee)

Rey Estrada (Incline)

Luis Munoz (Incline)

Marlon Correa (Incline)

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