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Kudos & Kindness: Bread & Broth Salutes Heavenly

“As always, an awesome group of Heavenly volunteers” was how the Heavenly Adopt A Day sponsor crew was described by the Bread & Broth volunteer coordinator for the Nov. 15 Monday evening meal. Due to their repeated stints as Bread & Broth volunteers, most of the Heavenly sponsor crew members are seasoned AAD helpers and their experience is greatly appreciated by the regular B&B volunteers. The evening’s Heavenly AAD team was manned by Peter Sonntag, general manager; Eric Anderson, base operations supervisor; Phil Demus, facility maintenance manager; Tom Fortune, director of base operations and Tom Maugeri, security manager.On Dec. 10, Heavenly Mountain Resort once again funded and provided an Adopt A Day sponsor crew. “It feels good to give to the community during the holidays” said Jennifer Van Gilder, Heavenly’s senior regional group sales manager. Jennifer was joined by Adriann Kremer, catering & sales manager; Ashley Rojas, regional group sales manager; Shannon Proper, group sales coordinator and Arnaud Robin, corporate lodging sales manager, in assisting the Bread & Broth volunteers. The crew helped in setting up and serving more than 100 meals.Bread & Broth is extremely thankful for Heavenly Mountain Resort’s support in providing hot, well-balanced meals to the less fortunate. Bread & Broth would like to salute Heavenly and its employees for their dedication to providing a unique and exhilarating skiing experience and their generous commitment of time and money to the community of South Lake Tahoe.Carol GerardBread & Broth

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