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Kudos & Kindness: Hard Rock Cafe supports Bread & Broth

Hard Rock Cafe supports Bread & Broth

Bread & Broth would like to thank Hard Rock Cafe for sponsoring the March 18 Monday evening $250 Adopt A Day dinner served at St. Theresa Church's Grace Hall. Hard Rock Cafe sent seven ambassador volunteers to help with all of the activities necessary to feed more than 80 guests who attended the evening's meals.

Lizzy Gates, operations manager; Tony Prendiz, prep cook; Kim Templeton, sales/marketing manager; Duane Young, busser; and JZ Zinniel, server, arrived at 3 p.m. to help assist Bread & Broth volunteers. They bagged giveaways and wrapped silverware; then at 4 p.m. they served dinner, all the while giving big welcoming smiles to the evening guests.

After their work shift at Hard Rock Cafe, Krissy Tylende, retail store associate, and Taylor Carson, bartender, arrived to help their fellow ambassadors with the tear-down of tables and chairs and kitchen cleanup.

"They were all fabulous workers and they were all very happy to be there with us" said Christy Slocum, the evening's Bread & Broth volunteer coordinator.

Hard Rock Cafe and its ambassador volunteers have been major ongoing supporters of Bread & Broth. In addition to sponsoring the evening's Adopt A Day of Nourishment, Hard Rock Cafe has been Bread & Broth's go-to employer when we are in need of extra volunteers, especially on the fifth Mondays of the month and they hosted a Bread & Broth volunteer "thank you" breakfast last September. Bread & Broth recognizes and applauds the role Hard Rock Cafe plays in our success in helping the needy of our community.

Carol Gerard

Bread & Broth