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Kudos & Kindness: Thank you for your kindness

I want to thank everyone for your prayers and donations on my behalf. It has been a long roller coaster ride. I really believed I would never get a new heart, but by the grace of god Stanford Medical Center called with a donated heart. My prayers were answered. I have a new heart and I’m back to my home of 38 years that I love, Lake Tahoe. Through this whole ride my family Joe, Nikki, Colin and my grandkids have been my rocks. They sacrificed their whole summer to be with me in Palo Alto. My best friend Sandy Gray was my great friend and guardian angel. I have so many people to thank and I hope you know who you are. I still have a long way to go, but I know with having the friends and family that I have anything is possible. One more little tidbit, I fell and fractured my hip and had three pins put in. Just another bump in the road. So please except my sincere thank you from the bottom of my new heart. I love you all. Joe and Christene GarciaSouth Lake Tahoe

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