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Kudos & Kindness: Thanks for helping with our heat emergency

On Saturday morning I stopped by St. Theresa School with our kindergarten teacher to check on classroom pets because of how cold it was the night before. When we got into the building we quickly realized that something was wrong with the boiler. I felt bad but I called Father Grace because no one knows the school’s boiler like he does. We discovered that the circulating pump motor had died and with a boiler that is almost 55 years old that it was not something that was going to be easily replaced. He and I both started making phone calls to see what could be done. Adam Ricards, who helps us with projects around the school, helped figure out where exactly the problem was located. We brought in space heaters and placed them strategically in each classroom and prayed that would help the pipes until we could find a new motor. On Monday we were able to order the motor with help from Don at Ferguson Plumbing/PVF. It arrived on Tuesday and was installed that day. With help from our wonderful community, the students only missed one day of school and we were able to save all of our pipes.I would like to thank the following people for helping us during our lack-of-heat emergency: Charlie Carr, Romeo Alaoen, Tom Finn, Western Nevada Supply, Don at Ferguson Plumbing, Adam Ricards, Danette Winslow, Sharon Filipko, Joanie San Agustin, and, of course, Father Grace. Anne Filce, principalSt. Theresa School

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