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Kudos & Kindness: Thanks to Cork & More for hosting fundraiser

We would like to take the opportunity to thank The Cork & More for hosting Tahoe Turning Point Inc.’s annual McGuire Smith Foundation fundraiser. This foundation provides financial assistance to those within our group home program who achieve high scholastic and personal goals such as maintain good grades, being an actively positive community member and promoting the Tahoe Turning Point, Inc.’s attitude of excellence and service.The McGuire Smith Foundation fundraiser hosted this year at Cork & More raised nearly $500 toward scholarships that will benefit a student, either toward college or toward vocational schooling. These scholarships provide widened avenues for the possibility of success through contributions from the community. Each recipient of the McGuire Smith Foundation is given hope, confidence and the potential for a brighter future. We appreciate your generosity and all that you do for our community and for the Tahoe Turning Point group home program.Richard R. BarnaExecutive directorTahoe Turning Point Inc.