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Kudos & Kindness: Thanks to Maddi’s Friesian Ranch

Maddi's Friesian Ranch. The Gardnerville establishment is the No. 1 breeder of Friesian's in the United States. The name conjures images of glistening, coal-black horses with luxuriant manes and high-stepping, powerful gaits. The non-profit Between Horses and Humans would like to foster another image for Maddi's: one of overwhelming generosity and community spirit.

Between Horses and Humans works to pair young people who have emotional and behavioral issues with horses in a structured and supportive environment. We believe that children learn good work habits and develop new skills for working with horses, other people and themselves.

Between Horses and Humans faced a serious problem of space to grow and expand. That was when Ruth Page and Greg Walsh, who own Maddi's Friesian Ranch, stepped up. They offered their ranch and extensive facilities as our home base to provide more services to more children.

"Lives Changed, Hearts Healed" — that is the motto of our organization. The kindness, openness and contributions from Ruth and Greg, from their barn manager Stephanie Keplar and their support staff, have helped immensely to change children's lives and heal their hearts. We invite others in the community to thank them and join us in our future work.

There is a lot of great information at Maddi's Friesian Ranch and Between Horses and Humans websites: http://www.maddisfriesianranch.com and http://www.betweenhorsesandhumans.org.

Donna Leandro

Volunteer, Between Horses and Humans