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Kudos & Kindness: Thanks to search and rescue, STAR for the opportunity

As a member of the Sheriff’s Team of Active Retirees I recently had the opportunity, with three other STAR members, to assist the search and rescue team in locating a missing, overdue Desolation Wilderness hiker. It was a positive experience for me to see the search and rescue members in action with their individual duties: men and women with big backpacks (also dogs with their rescue coats on) actively ready to hit the trail. Inside in the control center building, search and rescue people each had their individual assigned duties: making sure everyone signed in and out and explained the assigned duties to each. The STARs had two shifts, one from 8 a.m. to noon and the other from noon to 4 p.m. My partner, Susan Kidwell, and I had the afternoon shift. The assigned duty was located at the Horsetail Falls parking lot; we were to monitor hikers entering and leaving the trail, showing them a picture and giving out information of the overdue hiker. Susan and I listened to the rescue operation on a handheld radio and heard the message that the missing hiker had made a response to search and rescue and was walking out on the Eagle Falls trail. I felt a feeling of joy and relief that he was found. Thank you to the team of search and rescue (you are awesome), and the STARs for giving us the opportunity to experience a very “moving” operation — all for the love of human nature.Mary MaganaSTAR member

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