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Kudos & Kindness: We will always be a St. Theresa’s family

Well, now we are three full weeks into the school year. My son Ian, his mother Adriana, and I are extremely excited for his entrance into Lake Tahoe Unified School District education system. Ian’s transition into the public school system has been very satisfying so far and we expect that trend to continue by virtue of the excellent teachers and staff we are lucky to have in all the LTUSD schools!

But the real purpose of this letter is to thank a group of teachers, staff, and families of all the students from St. Theresa’s School. This is Ian’s first year of not attending St. Theresa’s, and I’m quite positive that had it not been for the high level of academics and focus on teaching the children there how to be a good, contributing members of the community, Ian’s transition may not have gone quite as smoothy. Adriana and I chose St. Theresa’s because not only had Al Tahoe Elementary School just shut down, we felt St. Theresa’s was more suited to his and our needs as a family. St. Theresa’s is a wonderful choice, and one that has helped to raise a family. Now I make this last statement not figuratively, but literally. The Sielsch’s experience at St. Theresa’s was not just one of Ian’s, but actually one of the Sielsch family’s as well. And that experience has cemented within our family that we will always be a St. Theresa’s school family and will always be willing to pitch in to help with whatever is asked of us by St. Theresa’s!

But, I would like to thank one person individually for being mine and my family’s guardian angel, and that would be Danette Winslow. We truly love you with all of our hearts Danette!

Toogee Sielsch

South Lake Tahoe

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