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Letter to the editor: A sign of the times

I opened my paper Wednesday morning and read two articles on the state of our local education. The first article that caught my eye featured the optimistic news that our South Tahoe High School library secured grant money from the local Rotary club to help “pay for the subscription to the Junior Library Guild, a program that stocks the shelves with new books every month.” The article describes the reason for this need: a lack of state funding for libraries, and the lack of cash in our general fund to help offset state fund deficiencies. However, the second-largest article on the front page explains how our school district has hired a consultant to “create a comprehensive technology and security plan” in the wake of the tragedy in Connecticut. I wonder how much money this consultant is costing the district and where is this money coming from?

Is this just a sign of the times? It’s a sad day when libraries have to beg for books.

Daunelle Wulstein

South Lake Tahoe