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Letter to the editor: Becoming a charter city is not a good option

The mayor’s support of South Lake Tahoe becoming a charter city is really not a good step for the city to take. As councilmen Cole and Davis have expressed concerns over this action, so should all the residents of this community.

First, the mayor’s reasoning behind this option is seriously flawed beginning with the fact that charter cities in California represent only 20 percent of the total cities in the state. That in itself should give everyone serious concern.

Second, drawing a new group of leaders in and paying them for full-time positions should be definitely out of consideration. By the mayor’s own admission, the city already has a budget deficit from various aspects of its operation’s as a result of big ideas and minimal growth and now having to cut funding and staff, plus rising costs in benefit areas, holding elections, etc. Then, by offering full-time compensation and generating competittion and diversity, you’re guaranteed of getting only professional politicians and where only the wealthy will be able to buy their way onto the council, not to mention the added strain on the budget. Council members should come only from local residents who serve out of love and devotion to their community and to their fellow residents, not paid professional politicians who come and go whenever and wherever they choose.

Does our current mayor fall into this category – coming in, “stirring the pot” so to speak, then leaving in a few years to continue her career elsewhere? Longtime locals who serve on the council receive a stipened for their service out of devotion, not as a paid obligation.

Becoming a charter city is not for the city of South Lake Tahoe.

Art Eggers

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