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Letter to the editor: Block an unfair political appointment

The recent election clearly demonstrated the voters’ opposition to another term for incumbent Bruce Grego, who finished fourth in a field of five – a disappointing showing for an incumbent. But he may get another term anyway.

Former Mayor Claire Fortier has vacated her council seat, leaving a spot to fill. The council will appoint a temporary council member to complete Fortier’s term. Austin Sass was the closest runner-up in the November election, missing election by just 497 votes. Sass is the fair and reasonable choice to replace Fortier. – – – – –

The Council is currently considering appointing defeated Councilman Grego, who produced 26 percent fewer votes than Joann Conner, our newest Council member.

A Grego appointment would go against the will of the voters. More importantly, it would have the appearance of political favoritism. Like all citizens of South Lake Tahoe, Mr. Grego has the option of running again in two years, when the people can decide once more if they want him on the council. I did not support or vote for Austin Sass, but he is the fair choice to replace Ms. Fortier. I encourage all South Lake Tahoe residents to contact the City Council and support fairness in this appointment.

Stacey J. Wheeler

South Lake Tahoe

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