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Letter to the editor: Help the Boys & Girls Club by donating $5

As it is the season of giving, I would like to see if we are all up to a challenge. My sources tell me that the Boys & Girls Club of South Lake Tahoe, an organization that serves hundreds of our children annually, is in a shortfall of $50,000! It seems to me that as a community of roughly 20,000 (so let’s assume that is about 10,000 able adults!), we could raise this money in a matter of days if each and every one of us contributes $5.Five dollars. The cost of a Venti Mocha at Starbucks; the cost of paid parking at the gondola to ski for two hours; cost of half of a movie ticket; or roughly the cost of a gallon of milk!So, I challenge each and every one of you to do one of the following threee methods of donations right now:1. Stop by the Boys and Girls Club of South Lake Tahoe at 1100 Lyons Ave. and donate $5 in cash 2. Get out your checkbook and mail in $5 to P.O. Box 17846, South Lake Tahoe, CA 961513. Pull out that credit card and donate online at http://tinyurl.com/donatebgcOur Boys & Girls Club here of South Lake Tahoe is a vital after-school program for a multitude of families. If we donate together as a community, we will be allowing the Boys & Girls Club staff to do their job of educating, caring for and bonding with the children of South Lake Tahoe rather than fundraising! Join in the season of giving … be a part of this amazingly generous community. Thank you.Kathy HavenSouth Lake Tahoe

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