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Letter to the editor: It’s time to take a stand for public schools

As Election Day nears, the voters of California have the opportunity to ensure that the education of the students of our state gets put back on track. With the passage of Proposition 30, we will prevent another $6 billion in cuts to public education. Over the last four years, schools in California have had $20 billion slashed from their budgets. Vital programs such as class-size reduction, physical education, AVID, the arts as well as career-technology programs have been eliminated in school districts across the state. School nurses and libraries are becoming nonexistent and more than 30,000 educators and essential support staff that keep schools operating have been laid off across the state.

Our schools are at a tipping point. California schools rank 47th in per-pupil spending. Without the passage of Proposition 30, school districts across the state are looking at reducing up to 15 days of school. In 18 years as a public school teacher, I never thought I would see the day when voters would have to choose to keep the doors to our classrooms open to our most precious resource, the students of California.

Proposition 30 asks only the wealthiest of Californians (individuals earning more than $250,000 and couples earning more than $500,000) to pay a temporary income tax increase. It also asks all Californians to pay a one-quarter percent sales tax increase for four years. It is the only initiative that guarantees revenues go to education and bars funds going to administrative costs.

Please join me in supporting the education of our students, the future of California. Vote “yes” on Proposition 30.

Jodi Dayberry

President of South Tahoe Educators’ Association

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