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Letter to the editor: Loop road project is a waste of money

In the Tribune’s report of a recent community workshop dealing with loop road alternatives, Alfred Knotts, project director for the Tahoe Transportation District, was said to have claimed that the project would “transform the middle of town.” Perhaps Mr. Knotts, who is fairly new to the area, may be excused for confusing the far end of town with the middle, but the Tribune might have noted this error.

It might also have noted the absurdity of the proponents’ claim that the project will provide an attractive “main street” for pedestrians. How many pedestrians, other than those going from one casino to another, will want to walk past parking lots, garage entrances, and banks of windows displaying poor souls feeding their coins and bills to slot machines?

And how is it that drivers looping around the casinos will use less gas than those going straight down the “main corridor,” as proponents have also claimed?

Carl Hasty, the TTD manager, said in a July 14 column that “The purpose of the project is all about improvements in vehicle, pedestrian, and bicycle safety; environmental quality; visitor and community experience and economic vitalty.” Who, besides Mr. Hasty, believes this?

Surely the Tahoe Transportation District can think of better ways to spend “$60 million or $70 million” than on this misguided effort to rescue the casinos from their inevitable decine.

Jerome Evans

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