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Letter to the editor: Obama gets my vote

I disagree with Linda Norton’s letter claiming that Mitt Romney is the responsible choice for president. I don’t know how she can say she trusts Romney when there is no way to know what he really stands for. He has contradicted himself on nearly every issue in this campaign and in many cases tells outright lies.

Romney recently claimed that Chrysler is moving all of its Jeep production to China. Chrysler found it necessary to release a statement that it was not true and that it is actually expanding its production of Jeeps in Ohio. Even after Chrysler’s correction, the Romney campaign continues to run deceitful ads in order to scare voters into thinking their jobs are threatened.

Romney’s main agenda appears to be to eliminate nearly all federal government programs including Federal Emergency Management Agency. With the terrible destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy these last few days, FEMA has had a major role in helping the millions of people in this historic storm. When Romney is now asked if he still believes that FEMA should be shut down, he refuses to even answer the question. Meanwhile, Obama has shown his competence overseeing disaster relief operations and communicating directly with governors in the affected states. Republican Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie had nothing but praise for Obama’s handling of this disaster.

President Obama puts the American people ahead of politics while Romney says he isn’t concerned about 47 percent of the people in our country. Obama has the character and integrity we deserve in a president. I’m voting to reelect President Obama, the candidate we can trust.

Linda McLennan

South Lake Tahoe

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