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Letter to the editor: Obama is on the right path

Paul O’Neill, President George W. Bush’s first Secretary of Treasury, told that administration within the first months in 2001, that if they instituted their policies, “… there would be a financial ‘Armageddon’ that the country would be hard pressed to get out of …” And this was before Bush took us into two wars, neither of which were paid for, or exit strategies in place. O’Neill was fired before the first year.

Enter President Barack Obama, who rightfully so stated we needed a ‘Grand Strategy’ of raising taxes on the upper-end of our society, and also cutting expenses, by a 4-1 margin. The right has fought him tooth and nail, every step of the way. Gov. Mitt Romney offers nothing in his platform but the very same cutting of taxes for all. This has not worked, it has never worked, and never will. But it’s not what the governor says, it’s what he doesn’t say: what deductions is he going to eliminate for the middle class to offset those tax cuts. All we hear is crickets chirping when that question is asked. Bottom line, his math just doesn’t add up, and what he promised can’t be done.

We’re in a mess, no doubt about it. But I for one will be voting for President Obama, and believe he should be given four more years – cause I know he’s on the right path: Steady upward growth (although slower than any of us want), stock market is back (along with our 401ks and pensions), the auto industry is once again strong, and most importantly, he hasn’t dropped the ball in going after our enemies. I know the great majority of you will disagree (or at least 50 percent of you will), and that’s fine, it’s what political discourse is all about … and why I love this country!

Chuck Knowlton

South Lake Tahoe

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