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Letter to the editor: Please help the homeless

I would like to comment about the homeless people in this town. These people need our help, whether you agree or not. Have you ever been homeless? I have and I know what these people have to endure everyday.

Although I have overcome these dreadful days, it still breaks my heart to see them holding up their signs aroung town. If you think they are drug addicts or just out to screw the public, you are sadly misled to believe this, although there are a few who have other intentions.

I live on Social Sdecurity, but always make an effort to give them the measley change I have. I have given them coats, socks, shoes and blankets, although I could not afford them. There are many poor people in our city, but there are also the few who are wealthy and could certainly make a difference in these people’s lives.

Thanksgiving and Christmas are wonderful holidays for most, being homeless and hungry during these times are miserable. Most people have no idea what this is like.

Please make an effort to help the disadvantaged in this community!

Stacey Horstman

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