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Letter to the editor: Please pick up after your dogs

I have spent a lot of time in the city of South Lake Tahoe since purchasing a home there several years ago and I have noticed a lot of irresponsible dog owners not picking after their dogs. Is it because they are too lazy or is it more complicated than that? I don’t really know, maybe it’s just as simple as nobody ever told them it is their responsibility as dog owners to pickup after their dogs. I am not a scientist or water quality expert but I can assume that dog feces left on ground will decompose and be washed into the drainage ditches which eventually could end up in that big beautiful lake everyone loves so much myself included. I hope this letter could be the start to some awareness or improvements on this issue. My slogan is “Pick up the brown and keep Tahoe blue” and, if anybody wants to use this slogan for bumper stickers or billboards, please do.

David DeFazio

El Dorado Hills