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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Practice sexual assault awareness all year round

I am a football fan. I watch the NFL and college ball regularly. For those of us that watched any game this past month, it is impossible to miss the top news story – Penn State. Every day the South Lake Tahoe Women’s Center finds ways to stop sexual violence and child abuse by bringing awareness to the public about these two issues and their prevalence in our community.

Penn State definitely has raised public awareness about sexual violence and child abuse. As the story goes, a former Penn State football coach has been arrested on 40 counts of sexually abusing young boys. The story came out that Penn State put their football program ahead of the students around them and the victims that came forward.

Why? How can this happen? Educated community members let those victims down. What can be done as individuals and as a community to help prevent this violence from happening in our neighbors or to our loved ones? Just calling law enforcement could be the easy answer.

This sad story has prompted the SLTWC to remind everyone in our community that we have an El Dorado County Sexual Assault Response Team. El Dorado County SART is a multidisciplinary group of local professionals that includes Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners, South Lake Tahoe Women’s Center Advocates, Law Enforcement, and the District Attorney’s Office, who work together to care for adult and child survivors of sexual assault and child abuse and hold the offender accountable in the criminal justice system.

For more information on sexual assault, the SLTWC services to sexual assault victims or how you can support our local SART program check out http://www.sltwc.org, the SLTWC FaceBook page, the SLTWC Tahoe Daily Tribune Blog and the Tahoe Daily Tribune community events calendar.

Vicki Stilwell

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