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Letter to the editor: Proposition 30 needs to pass to protect our schools

As a Lake Tahoe Community College instructor and school board member I want to share my thoughts with the community about what will happen if Proposition 30 does not pass. Having already made severe cuts to programs and staff, the Lake Tahoe Unified School District school board had no choice but to adopt a budget that eliminates 12 days from the school year if the reduction takes place, meaning 12 fewer days for learning, 12 additional days that parents will have to find and pay for daycare, and 12 more days for teens to find something to do with their time, potentially causing public safety issues in South Lake Tahoe.

The community has already shown its support for our children by passing Measure G, which has funded a total transformation of the school facilities. Our schools now have state-of-the-art programs that will help our children grow up with the skills that they need in this changing society. It does not make any sense to leave these facilities empty for 12 additional days.

Proposition 30 will also protect Lake Tahoe Community College from receiving drastic budget cuts. If Proposition 30 does not pass, then the college will be forced to turn away 135 full-time equivalent college students due to reducing its course offerings. Services such as the library and tutoring will be sharply cut. The best way to improve hiring prospects for our unemployed is to acquire job skills at the community college.

A one penny donation to our schools every time you spend $4 on non-food items is the cost of Proposition 30 for most of us. When you fill out your ballot, you can decide whether it is worth spending this penny in order to support our school children and our community college students.

Larry Green

LTUSD board member and faculty member

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