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Letter to the editor: Romney is the responsible choice

Let me just start by sending my thoughts and prayers to all those affected by the storm in the East.

My greatest compliment was long ago when my young son said “she’s just a mommy.”

I have several questions, before our presidential election, as a mom:

1. President Bill Clinton had several chances to get Osama bin Laden, while he was in the White House. If he had squished him like an ant, at that time, would the World Trade Center still be standing? How many people would still be alive in the U.S. and around the world if he had not worried about being “politically correct?”

2. Was it inconvient for President Obama to tell the truth about what really happened before and after the massacre in Benghazi, Libya, of four of our best and brightest, so that he could hop on our plane to go to a fundraiser in Las Vegas?

3. Who was the attorney (law firm) who obtained the release, from Guantanamo Bay, the man responsible for the attack in Benghazi? Was it a law firm from or connected with Chicago?

4. Do the people who think “Obamacare” will get them free health insurance coverage know what’s in the bill? Nancy Pelosi said we have to get rid of the “free riders.” Remember that nothing is free and there is a tax/penalty for all who don’t get their own health insurance. Notice that they never say “free” anymore.

I urge everyone to watch the DVD “Obama’s America 2016.” Isn’t what is happening in the Middle East happening now?

As a mommy, I am voting for someone I can trust, not the cool guys, but a real responsible man in this election – Mitt Romney.

Linda Norton

South Lake Tahoe