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Letter to the editor: Sass will do right by the city

After reading various letters of recommendation I thought I might say a word or two about a candidate that I know personally and professionally. Austin Sass has been in my chair many times and, with most clients, the first several minutes we talk about hair then the conversation at some point moves toward our city and how everyone is doing outside our windows. At times there may be differing views, but always an open discussion about the subject. As in my support of the Stardust sign and its history or the value of the wedding industry to all of Tahoe as a business community. Austin has for many years been a vocal advocate of the South Lake Tahoe Wedding & Honeymoon Association, which is comprised of more than 100 businesses of every type. After 26 years of business, I believe our city needs a major direction change in marketing this particular industry for the good of all who hope to make a living in our beautiful area. Your vote for Austin is a good one. If he doesn’t come through for us I have very sharp scissors and the ability to make him look quite funny! Just a joke, of course. Thank you.Phil BlowneySouth Lake Tahoe

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