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Letter to the editor: SnowGlobe – The second time is a charm

Last year, like many in our community, I questioned the value and wisdom of hosting SnowGlobe over the busy New Year’s holiday. This year, my wife and I were afforded an opportunity to attend on Saturday evening. All right, so it was more like late afternoon and yes, we departed as night fell and the temperature dropped.

Prior to recanting my concerns of yesteryear, I would like to commend our City Council led by Mayor Tom Davis for showing the wisdom to impose necessary restrictions on this year’s event. Despite the fact that public support was less-than-unanimous, they went on to approve the rescheduling of this year’s concert series showing great leadership and fortitude.

Speaking of fortitude our hidden gem, Lake Tahoe Community College, in my observations did an outstanding job in accommodating this very large and complex concert series. Congratulations to LTCC President Kindred Murillo and her staff for their amazing efforts in successfully hosting this event. Hopefully, the demographic they served will now consider LTCC as a potential institution for their higher education. Wouldn’t it be great if South Lake Tahoe became better known as a college, town rather than just a one-trick tourism economy?

Consequently, my prior concerns have been replaced with a better understanding of the value of events of this nature. I understand that the promoter may be considering in addition to SnowGlobe No. 3 the first week of January 2014, a summer event in June or late August.

I now believe that in addition to SnowGlobe a “SunGlobe” would be great!

Dan McHale, general manager

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