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Letter to the editor: Students for refunding education

For the last five years, California college students have been hit with continual and massive budget cuts. Funding for more than 132,000 full-time students was slashed in 2009 and 2010, with students seeing a doubling in fees. These cuts have a direct effect on students in our community. LTCC reduced the Tutoring and Learning Center’s operating hours during the week and eliminated Saturday hours. California students need a solution, and Gov. Jerry Brown has one to offer.

Proposition 30 on November’s ballot could raise more than $6.8 billion dollars in revenue and the effects are immediate: relief to all California schools, including k-12, community colleges, CSUs, and the UCs. In our small community, LTCC will not sustain another $600,000 revenue reduction.This translates to a wider availability of class offerings and better prepared students who will be able to graduate faster and enter the local workforce.

Those who have finished their education know how difficult and expensive it is. Our students at LTCC, such as Alicia Agnew, the student trustee, raises three kids and works full time, all while taking more than 17 units per quarter. Other students have difficulty getting the classes they need while scheduling two jobs and paying bills. Students cannot afford, as a community, or as Californians, to allow these devastating cuts.

If attaining a higher education becomes more expensive and harder to pursue without working two jobs, students will never reach their educational goals and will be forced to work in low-paying jobs. This is why the Associated Student Council supports Proposition 30 and encourages you to do the same. On Nov. 6, vote for stronger public education and invest in the changing California economy. Vote “yes” on Proposition 30.

Nicholas Alexander Behney

LTCC ASC Student Representative

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